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Income Inequality by NYC Subway Stop and Line

The New Yorker has an interesting interactive subway line and stop match to what the median income is near that stop.

I was living by the N, Q, R line a few blocks from Central Park and this is what the income looks like by my former stop:


It is really interesting if you have lived in NYC, or just are curious in general, what the income levels are based by their subway stop.

The richest ones are these subway lines with $205,192 at all of them:

  • Red Line (1) @ Chambers Street
  • Red Line (2) & (3) @ Park Place & Chambers Street
  • Blue Line (A) & (C) @ Chambers Street
  • Blue Line (E) @ World Trade Center


The poorest stop seems to be with $12,288 in income:

  • Grey Line (L) @ Sutter Avenue


Very cool.

Another thing I noticed is that anyone who lives in the range of Manhattan is (obviously) richer than those who are outside of Manhattan.


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