Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where marbles can sell for up to $40,000

Seriously. $40,000 for a marble? This set above cost $14,000. People make a living off dealing in marbles. Millions of dollars worth apparently.

I own these Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones and if you need something as a fancy gift in a pinch that people will love, buy them. I use them constantly, at home, when I am out, and the wireless feature along with keeping my ears warm during winter are amazing.

I squat a lot in yoga, and it does help my back. My yoga teacher is always trying to get us to squat instead of sit down, and I’m starting to see her point. This is the reasoning why squatting helps reverse the negative effects of sitting.

I actually need to invest in a massage ball I think, I want to save money on actual massages and my back is really in major pain. Does anyone have any experience with these?

This is the most incredible thing I have read in such a long time — Hiring a fake family in Japan. I feel all at once sad, happy for them and nostalgic.

I feel like a pretty tea tin is the right thing to add colour to a kitchen without adding space / bulk for nothing.

This completely makes more sense how girls earning such low salaries, can afford to continue working in such industries like fashion and style.. they just resell the swag.

These candles, smell and look incredible. I want to buy a small set and burn some during the holidays for a nice scent.

What a horrifying story of an online persona and affair gone wrong. I think if you read it, you’d scrub your entire online identity today.

For Little Bun, I considered buying this financial learning ledger for him. What a great way for kids to learn about money!


  • M B Smith

    I wouldn’t waste the money on the massage ball accompanied with the link. I have the small one & it is good for the arches of the feet but that is about it. Personally, I would recommend a TENS machine and the Original Backnobber II (both available on Amazon). Hope that is helpful!

  • Jeannie

    I like the Melt method’s balls, even though they are more meant for hands/feet. They are smaller and fit desire my shoulder blades again. If it’s upper back, shoulder and neck pain, Costco website sells a really good massager.

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