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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Making $40K/month & spending it like crazy

1. $40K/Month

This young doctor made $40K/month, but spent it like crazy ($17K).

On average, Michael works about 11 shifts in a Toronto hospital and is paid $2,300 per shift or $25,300 in gross per month. In a recent month, he took on a few extra shifts and grossed $41,927 — more than many Canadians do in a year.

Luckily, he is starting to see that is not a path to wealth building and his goal was to cut back on working at age 45, so he has to do a 180 on his finances. I rather enjoyed reading this one as well, about a couple who thinks they did not have enough saved to retire comfortably, but definitely had more than enough.


I have 100% decided on wallpapering the back of my closets, and am looking at this gold and white geometric design or this chevron one in gold. I want the clothes to still stand out against a neutral-ish design, and yet not be too boring that I may as well have put nothing up. And while I love really bright wild wallpapers, this rainbow one might grate on my nerves after a while.


This interesting chart (it’s a video) of how much housing prices have risen across other countries since 2000, very VERY clearly shows how crazy our real estate markets have become.

Personally I am bemused at how much our housing prices have risen. I know the underlying causes, and it is most definitely not because of immigrant (that is a small point), which everyone loves to crow over as being the main issue. No, no.

The main issue is the lack of supply for the increase in demand. Period.

Housing prices are going up because people want houses, and as people want houses, people buy houses, flip them, or just sit on them and resell them for much more than what they were worth before.

You also have young homeowners coming in hot with lots of money from their parents because without that HUGE boost of money, you can’t even dream of saving up 20% on a $1M home as a down payment. This exacerbates the problem.

Then, most jobs are located in major cities where all the companies are, and honestly, it’s nonsense because these cities get bigger and bigger, they’re bloated, the prices go up, people can’t leave because they can’t get a similar salary elsewhere if they leave, etc.


I own these folding wooden book lamps that are rechargeable and portable, and I adore them. I actually have two, and the magnetic ends fit together. When they don’t fit together and you have them out on the table, they looks like a little library has opened, so I call them my book lamps.


I am really into crab cakes lately, but the vegan ones. So this recipe, looks like it is exactly what I am looking for. The “crab” is the hearts of palm, and the rest is just seasoning and flavours.


This leaning garment rack is actually what I have been looking for. Something minimalist, and letting it lean against the wall, and not have so many legs or sides. Something clean and easy. It’s perfect for setting out what you want to wear, or things you want to steam (in my case). Would be a nice bathroom addition!


Here are many subtle ways you may be classist without realizing it. Basically, assuming everyone has everything you have, is quite classist. Did you know that I thought for some reason that the average income is $50K a year, but actually it’s closer to $30K – $40K? I didn’t realize that, for some reason my brain rounded up (by a lot). I’ll have to be more careful when doing estimates for averages.


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If you really want to read about privilege however, this Money Diary of an intern in NYC may have been a troll piece, but was nevertheless a side eye moment for me, as I read it.


There is nothing more luxurious than wearing shearling slippers at home. It’s like walking on clouds that hug your feet. I love the pair I own so much, I am low-key considering some shearling socks to snuggle into and wear to bed so I will never have to take my shearling off my feet, basically. I also own a pair of removable sheepskin insoles that I can wash and rewear again because the fuzzy part does get matted down, and needs to be washed and fluffed up again.

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  • Anne

    The chevron wallpaper is fabulous! I am currently renovating my tiny walk-in closet, but unfortunately there will not be any wall that is not covered by clothes… But that photo really inspired me. I could paint the ceiling in gold!

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