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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: If not now, when?

When I post quotes on Instagram like this one above, I sometimes think: how stupid is this, I feel like I am not saying anything, and this is just filler messaging….. but then I get a response from someone @jlarchbold who followed me on IG, and it makes it all worth it. I LOVE reading / hearing such responses. #HowToGetThatJobOrRaise

I said it once and I’ll say it again, this purchase of the Anker PowerCore Slim Portable External charger has LIBERATED ME. I use my iPod so often, and my iPhone when I have it for conference calls, that when the battery ticks down to the red bars, I get very antsy. This small little thing, can fully re-charge it multiple times during the day, and I just plug it in and forget about it. No need to hunt for a wall outlet or anything!

Mr. Rogers is not a show I remember watching at all (a bit before my time) but I do remember watching the re-runs as a kid and I remember loving the show because he was so calm and everything I wish I was now as a parent. This is why when I see other videos like Mr. Rogers combating racism in America at a time when they had segregation, or Mr. Rogers fighting to save public TV when he spoke in front of the Senate, it reminds me that subtle yet great things can be achieved by one person’s voice.

Every single place I wear this raffia fedora hat, I get women stopping to ask me where I bought it. It is rated SPF 50, and fantastic.

Adina found gold at a thrift store. I think that says it all.

This Times Table Flap book is 10000000% recommended by me and Little Bun. It is so much fun to learn the times table, it gives you little questions that are fun to learn how to figure out, that Little Bun insists on doing his times table every night since we have gotten the book.

I have pretty much eaten every one of these French meals on the list that I would actually want to eat except for two: Bouillabaisse and Aligot…

This button up flip hem grey dress has gotten me so many compliments it isn’t funny. There is something retro yet modern about it.

I really love this Parenting In…. series from Cup of Jo, and she posted Israel lately. Hearing about how the community there is so willing to help each other, like assume that if your kid is sick you take the day off from work, or a bank teller would lend you her own money because you forgot your wallet at home, makes me wonder what we can do to change and be more like that here.

I desperately wanted this luxe spun tank top in a stripe but it sold out like hotcakes. Am waiting for my size to restock.. *crosses fingers*


  • AnonS

    The comments on the Cup of Jo article are fascinating and really enlightening for me…I definitely raised an eyebrow reading her utopian description of Israel!

    Also, re your instagram quotes – I’ve been following you since you were FB (and I was a struggling student myself!) and I think you should never underestimate the value of something positive or encouraging that you put out there! I was so glad again when I found you again and once again, funnily, the way your life has changed is mirroring the time of life I myself will be moving into 🙂

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Utopian description of Israel is definitely what I was thinking as I read it. It sounded so ideal but then again, she is wearing rose coloured glasses perhaps.

      That is so great that you found me all the way since FB days. It is encouraging to hear that what I am saying is actually helping… feels like repetitive fluff sometimes but I actually believe it.

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