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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 4-day work weeks and how groupthinking affects our money


I found this article fascinating on how tribalism can affect our sense of identity and what we do with our money. Going against the grain, is something that many people don’t try to do because it just feels awkward, or wrong… or maybe like me, frustrating/fatiguing to have to explain over and over again why I sleep on a futon on a floor rather than what they call “a real bed”.

(Hint: It is because I prefer it, it’s better for our backs and the bedroom now becomes a space we can use as a family hangout spot as the futon becomes a play area)


A mini grilled-sandwich maker would actually make a lot of sense for us when we travel. We could buy things, and grill them on here. A nice hot sandwich, with melted cheese inside… that could be a nice hot meal in hotels when you simply don’t want to go out to eat.


As in.. talking about this mouthwatering VEGAN pulled pork sandwich recipe made with jackfruit. I actually love jackfruit by itself as a snack, but to know that I can also make pulled “pork” with it, makes me super excited. Now to find some jackfruit….


When I travel, I always bring my own kettle with me –  this is the collapsible kettle that stores in your suitcase. The ones in hotel rooms, are such.. such a bad idea. They’re disgusting. They’re never cleaned, and people do the most disgusting things to them. Please do not ask. Anyway, NEVER EVER USE any hotel given items – cups, etc. They don’t wash them. Wash them before you do.


I enjoy watching these home renovations like AD’s Replace This Space because I get to understand or see how people think about kitchens, what goes into it, tips, tricks, without it being too overwhelming.


This small electric skillet also comes along with us. You can fry things in there (eggs for breakfast, etc) and it is so handy. A perfect small item to make quick meals for longer trips. And you won’t have to rely on restaurants in the middle of nowhere to make food for you, or their opening/closing times, especially for snacks, or small meals like breakfasts.


Just one day off, paid would make an immense difference in people’s lives. I can believe this. A 4-day workweek for me is ideal. A three-day weekend is what I am really going for. I need one day to unwind mentally, one day to get prepped for the week (we cook for the entire week ahead of time and prep things), and one day to spend with family.


I am obsessed with moonstone, labradorite, prehnite, and gorgeous stones, so when I saw these cascading moonstone earrings, I was just *hearts in eyes* They’re delicate, pretty, and yet still a statement piece.

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