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My heart is bursting with pride right now.


This is such a wonderful thing (as a woman) to hear that an Iranian Maryam Mirzakhani has become the first in history to win that coveted Fields medal.

I can’t even begin to understand WTF she is doing in math but I loved reading the history of how she became interested in it.

If I ever have a little girl I am going to definitely encourage her to explore STEM subjects.

Speaking of strong girls and women, I have one name for you in Little League sports right now: MO’NE DAVIS!!!!!!!!

She is just killing it and taking names. BAM!


I have ZERO athletic abilities. The max I can do is yoga and swim in safe waters (nothing where I am in too deep or in rough waves)… so this little Australian surfing 6-year old is just amazing to me:

A small surfer makes big waves from ABC Open on Vimeo.


I am not a big drinker.. that is to say, I don’t really enjoy drinking alcohol at all, but I have watched enough TV and movies to know what these hilarious bottles of alcohol refer to as situations:

Here’s my favourite one:


I don’t work for free either, but in my line of business I have never been asked to, although I get asked for advice all the time that makes me want to say: Hire me first, THEN I’ll do the analysis for you.

Accountants, lawyers, doctors.. they must all get the same treatment.

I really feel for artists and creatives who are told that working for free is “good exposure”.

What a load of hogwash. I loved Dan’s response.


How wizards from Harry Potter do money: Cho Chang and her new American life…. although the whole thing kind of reeked of being sexist (why is she the only one cleaning the house?)

Thanks to eemusings for the link!


HAHA!! I LOVE these food puns.


How much do you need to make to be rich? Being rich is relative, but $100,000 is a nice number.


The relative value of $100….. what will it buy you in each U.S. state?


Clothing inventory from 2010 to 2014. LOVE THIS!


Potato has an excellent rent-versus-buy calculator and a review of other calculators.

We did the math and to rent what we want we have to pay about $2500 / month, so buying a place makes more sense in the long-run IF we plan on living in it forever.


This is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time: A 4-year old reviews French Laundry and she is ADORABLE.


Upper-middle class earners aren’t saving like they used to. In fact, it’s getting worse.


Are you an invisible at the office? This is such a good read on those who are.



Warning: It totally sucks to click through each of the pages for the slide show, but the ideas are good.


Vaccines do NOT cause autism. Please PLEASE PLEASE read this article if you are against vaccinations.


I loved this thoughtful post about money fears.


You know, I don’t know if renting in New Zealand has reached these heights, but this is a pretty bad rental situation in London.


  • Lisa

    That picture of the wine bottle got me cracking up!

  • Lila

    I *hate* it when people ask artists to work for free. It all comes from that mentality “if you love it you would do it for free” well there are people who love their jobs such as doctors, police officers, scientists, and politicians but they don’t work for free and they would be insulted if anyone asked them to work for free.

    Some professionals do work pro bono sometimes but if they did it all the time they would go broke. People don’t understand that artists just like anyone else have bills for rent/mortgage, car insurance, health insurance, and they need to eat like everyone else does and they do have emergencies that come up from time to time with their kids, their dogs, and their spouse.

    Artists don’t live in a bubble away from the rest of the world. It’s tacky and unprofessional to ask anyone to work for free. I think that when artists work for free they undervalue their own profession.

    I think universities and 2 year colleges need to make people take an etiquette class before they graduate and one of the things they need to teach is to never ask anyone to work for free unless its pro bono work.

  • Money Pincher

    Thanks for the mention!

  • Potato

    Thanks for the mention!

    And what of baby bun and STEM?

  • Anne @ Money Propeller

    I read one of those food hack articles this morning while I was starving. As a result, it was an awful idea. I’m hungry just thinking about it now!

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