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How to waterproof your shoes and boots

I don’t own plastic shoes. I just don’t like the feeling and they always make my feet sweat inside. I prefer leather or cloth.

I’ve always used mink oil to treat my boots, but I read somewhere pine pitch (from the pine tree), and beeswax pictured below are just as effective.


You also need to be doing this on a regular basis if you are regularly wearing your shoes out in the rain or snow.

UPDATE: Many thanks to reader n for bringing to my attention and finding the original source of the picture, from blog Brit & Co – Life Lessons: How to waterproof your shoes.

I had taken it from The Meta Picture, which you may or may not know, does not give the original source.

If any other pictures on my blogs are not sourced properly, please don’t hesitate to contact me with the original source. I’d be happy to link to it. Thanks again, n!


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