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Favourite Jewelry Stores

I was thinking the other day that I may not wear a lot of jewellery, but I have favourite designers who are great places to shop at, and are not all out of reach in terms of cost.

Some of them are pricey to be sure (even to me, I balk at spending that kind of cash), but if you are patient and wait for a sale, or find them secondhand, they can be truly beautiful pieces.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is like a fancier, more grown-up, upgraded version of Banana Republic to me.

Their stuff is slightly higher quality, about the same prices but without as many ridiculous sales every 2 hours (really BR, let’s stop with the mass discounting, it is fatiguing), and their jewelry is simple and minimalist.

I bought this gorgeous green stone one that feels weighty and looks great:

And in stores, I picked up this tasseled beauty for $40 CAD

Or this one is $60 CAD

Christina Rose – Etsy

Christina Rose jewelry is bohemian, yet with an edge. I LOVE the crystal shards ring she did shown here:

And in her shop, a few of my favourite items:

I picked up this gorgeous bangle with stones ( I love me a good golden bangle )…

And the jewellery is a little too big for daily wear, but I love the look of it all (she has slightly more wearable pieces that aren’t so large)…

Fernanda Sibilia

I found her work randomly, and was so obsessed I bought her circles cuff:

Her other pieces are stunning too:

Or this beautiful landscape cuff:

Her work is organic, it is interesting, and fantastic….

Michael Michaud

A fantastic designer who really goes for natural pieces, and they are so life-like!

These pieces are museum-quality, and pricey, but .. man, gorgeous.

I own these necklaces:

And his work is just as natural and gorgeous, taken from nature, like this cuff:

And this is the gingko cuff I own:

Catherine Weitzman

Her work is pricey, but special, so I don’t buy many of her items because I cannot decide and I cannot pull the trigger …

She does a lot of pressed flowers and seashells. I only own one necklace of hers and love it:

Her other work is really stunning as well:


I also really like this petal cuff bracelet:



My last “natural” designer haha.. and it is recycled brass work.

This sage cuff really makes me happy:

And I picked up her birchbark cuff to which is SO ME:

What kind of jewellery do you like?

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