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Emotional Labour is something that still falls on women

I can’t really say I have much of a leg to stand on. My partner organizes all of our trips when we leave, making sure that things are turned off (he has a list), and food eaten, etc.

Where I really get the brunt of it, is the emotional child labour. The baths, the feedings where I have to basically threaten him to eat his vegetables sometimes, the taking of Little Bun out to playgroups and the park to make sure he gets social interactions, and is energetic.

So when I came across this article about not calling women nags – they’re just sick and fed up of it all, it resonated with me.

Not quite at that deep level (my partner had to call me out on deep cleaning the bathroom, but was less than helpful when Little Bun basically hung around me while I did it, sweating and wiping, instead of taking him out of my way and off my hands).

My block is with the care of Little Bun.

Everywhere else? I can’t really complain,

.. Wait I can. In the meals department, he seems to have gotten lazier in past years. He used to cook so much and different meals, now it just seems like pasta and homemade sauce is the go-t0 meal, and only special meals once in a while.

I guess he, is tired of cooking all the time. I get that, so I don’t say anything and I just supplement on the side with my own meals.


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