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Does the waste in your beauty products bother you?

It always surprises me how much is left in the bottles of my products, particularly creams.

I really hate that I paid so much money for it and I would just leave it in the bottle to be discarded!! It is like throwing money away, literally.

I usually end up having to slice open the top of the bottle and use the remainder that won’t come out no matter how hard I squeeze the bottle.

I keep it clipped with a big binder clip if the area I cut is curved and needs to be clipped closed, or if it is an open bottle that can’t be clipped, I put a plastic bag over it to keep it from coagulating and drying out (yes it has happened)!


For shampoo (I buy the super fancy John Masters Organics), I add a little water to get all of the remaining shampoo out and even half way through, I dilute it with water because I find I use way too much in the shower without needing to.

I find that in the Paula’s Choice cleanser, I get at least another 2 weeks of face washing (twice a day) out of it, and in my SkinFix Hand Cream which I use to keep my eczema at bay, I have at least 3 more after-showers worth of body lotion.

Do you do the same or are you less bothered by the waste?


  • Tania

    Yes! When I was younger I remember just tossing bottles of stuff when it got hard to squeeze and pump out. Now that I’m trying to be less wasteful, I make sure I use it all and it’s shocking how long that little bit of product at the bottom will last me. I like Dr. Bronners for body wash for various reasons but one is I can absolutely see how much I have left (I buy the larger size).

    I’m also now very careful about buying makeup. I will no longer buy something I only use occasionally (like mascara) as I end up wasting so much. I also like the stowaway brand partially because of the smaller volume size (easy for travel and it doesn’t go bad before I use it all – lasts me much longer than I would think too and good quality).

    When traveling, if I put any product in a travel container (I mainly use little pots with screw on lids or contact lens cases), I make sure to use up what’s left when I return and then clean the container.

  • Anne

    I cut open the plastic bottles and tubes and scrape them empty in travel size jars with an espresso spoon. Looks nicer in bathroom, easy to use, stops stuff from drying.

  • Cassie

    I haven’t cut anything open yet, but I absolutely add water to my shampoo and conditioner to get every last drop out of it.

  • Kathy

    I found a teeny tiny spatula designed to get into narrow bottle openings at a Bed Bath and Beyond store. But your hint of slicing off the top and reclosing with a binder clip might be better for the squeeze tubes. I also have a device that you push over the end of toothpaste tubes that pushes the paste toward the opening so you can get it all out. That might work on squeeze tubes of makeup moisturizer etc.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I have that device too, you can find it in art stores which artists use to squeeze out very expensive paint that they don’t want to go to waste.

      They don’t work on products that are too thick of plastic though… even in tube form.

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