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Ask Sherry: What lotion do you use for eczema for yourself & Little Bun?

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You mentioned that little bun has eczema. Curious what brand of lotion/bath routines you use for him. Thanks!

Sure! I also have eczema so I have lived my whole life knowing what to do and what not to do.

1. He doesn’t shower daily

Water dries out his skin (as it does mine) and he showers every other day, every third day, depending on how dirty he gets. Kids don’t have a lot of oil or sweat glands at this age, not until they hit puberty, so he never really smells.

2. He showers with warm but not hot water

It may feel great to have warm almost hot water on your skin but we dial it down to lukewarm/warm and wash him with that.

3. We use a soap not a shampoo on his head

Not that it matters, his skin has eczema, but we use a light soap lather from Savon de Marseilles on his head rather than shampoo. Actually, even just water and a cloth works.

4. He gets slathered in lotion with very little drying off

When his skin is damp, we coat him in lotion like a cake, and really rub it into his skin, as his skin is a little damp coming out of the shower, the lotion helps seal in some of that stolen moisture.

5. We use hand cream not body lotion

Hand cream is super moisturizing and has less water, and works great.

These are the various brands we have tried:

..and they’re all great. We try to stick to smells we like (there are some lotions that just make me nauseous from the scent), or unscented/naturally scented is our favourite.

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