Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: When will things go back to normal? 4 Scenarios.

1. Over It

Here are some scenarios of when this will all be over – different viewpoints.

I also found this post by FI Physician very interesting about turning this pandemic into something as common as a cold, by achieving herd immunity.

But if you’re anything like me, you need to just breathe and stay calm, and avoid stressful news to make the problem worse. So, I present to you this hilarious Flight Attendant Working From Home video

2. Jogging

I am home a lot more often now, even before the virus hit… and I have been looking for more at-home pants. These Zella ones look great as joggers. If you want a surprising purchase of THE BEST leggings for the price, look at these Ritual ones for $20.

But if you’re trying to get comfortable and yet feel like a glamazon, then you should absolutely try this gorgeous (on sale) jungle green Modcloth maxi dress. It is stunning. And super comfy. And a plus-size printed version here that I am obsessed with.

3. Mais oui!

This French Onion Gratin looks delicious, simple, and would be the perfect self-isolation meal right now. I’d also highly recommend watching The Chef Show – Season 2 Episode 6 where Roy Choi shows Jon Favreau how to make a killer French Onion soup (spoiler alert: The secret ingredient is TIME….)

4. Jump!

I know it sounds crazy, but this $60 trampoline has been a lifesaver for my nephews. Apparently they go out and jump out their frustrations of being quarantined at home.

5. Naked

Are you swimming naked?

Tim’s quiet confidence in his money (he retired early by the way), is exactly the way a lot of us feel; those of us who have been carefully squirrelling away money and being careful with it. Like diligent, busy ants. Not like some carefree grasshoppers.

I mean, I was a bit of a grasshopper to be honest – this moved so quick being fired, that I already plunged my EF into the market as usual (I do this every time I get extended), and this completely screwed up everything for me.

6. Sleek

I bought this Ann Taylor white linen blazer and it is everything I hoped it would be. I’ve been hunting for one for a while and this one has a low enough front to look chic, one button, and makes ANY TOP look instantly elevated.

7. Home work

If you haven’t read Fair Play, PLEASE DO IT. Rodsky writes a follow-up article in The Atlantic about everyone being at ‘home’ during this time, but … who’s really doing all the home work? Another great book on women’s invisible labour, is – Invisible Women and the stats are shocking.

8. Rolled Over

I know it sounds really like it wouldn’t work… but this rose jade roller has been kind of therapeutic and has helped me destress a little, if nothing else. I am not totally convinced it works to push any nutrients or items into your skin, but the rolling motion is truly relaxing, which I think is part of the whole point.

I was also informed very recently by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that these cold eye gel masks actually work to help destress and depuff. All of what I need these days, and not a bad idea to do it while I get ready in the mornings (brushing teeth, etc).


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