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Architectural Digest (AD) Home Tours (Most interesting, fun, etc)

Some of these homes are truly snoozefests. Maybe it’s the people living there who are not that interesting, but I had to skip a few because I couldn’t watch them speak about their homes any longer.

Out of all of these videos, I really liked these because of either the people, or the way they were able to talk about how they picked certain items, the meanings behind the art they chose, or why they did what they did.

Or their home was just amazing, and exactly my kind of vibe.

I would recommend watching all of these!


Finally, a sports star that doesn’t have a plain, boring, vanilla apartment in blacks and beiges. I love the wallpaper inspiration of taking a favourite purse with a jungle scene and making a jungle wallpaper out of it (I want this exact wallpaper with the gold, to be honest), I love the art, the interesting pieces EVERYWHERE. I would not keep everything in terms of the furniture or colours, but I like the entire vibe of it.


They are lively, interesting and witty hosts, but the real treasure for me was seeing the history of this Irish castle. The hidden walls, doors… it is truly a child’s dream come true to explore and find new nooks and crannies. I am not ruling out having a little hidey hole place, of my own.


I actually don’t like the ENTIRE house, except for the little balcony area that is modeled after Eloise, and his office. But they definitely had themes for the entire apartment. I find it all way too much for my taste. Too jarring, not at all calming, and really over the top. His office however, is just fabulous, even if it is not to my taste. It is really warm and comforting.


The entire house is and is not my style. For the fact that it’s a log cabin vibe, I love the way it turned out, and the modern touches of glass against the stone and all the fireplaces was really beautiful. The home is not my vibe however, as I am not into log cabins, but I can appreciate how well this one turned out.


They’re just funny to watch and they made me laugh a few times. Well, mostly Jesse Tyler Ferguson is hilarious, just as he is on one of my all-time favourite shows “Modern Family”. The whole home is filled with personal touches, interesting pieces, and not at all a bland, boring home at all.

I also liked how it was a “smaller” NYC space (I mean celebrity small), and they really tried to pack it full of smart storage.

You can also look at their other home they live in, in L.A. I believe…



Mostly an interesting couple, but I like how low key he is, to not have a full on trophy room that is right in your face, but hidden away, for instance. Or that she has a charity saving rhinos and she has a huge art piece of one in her home. These items are personal, interesting, and you can tell they’re really a close family, which I appreciate. The closets were disappointing for me however, I found them bland and white which made me sad because I am on the hunt for closet inspo and this was not it.


I have always loved his cooking videos – he is fantastically funny and precise. I love how his home was laid out, what he has thought of, and that he has THREE KITCHENS. I mean. I also think he’s a genuinely nice person which comes through in his home.


The whole house is too minimalist and empty for me, but I like the bones of what he has done. Plants everywhere, nature, he isn’t into screens/TV as the focal point of any room (fine by me!), and I very much enjoyed his whole philosophy on life coming through, which is surprising to me, as I only briefly heard of him via his collabo with Beyoncé in this song “Mi Gente“. His shoe closet is INSANE however. He’s kind of like me – HUGE closet + calm, minimal vibes.


I have no idea who he is (still do not), but I liked how funny he and his wife was, and the entire house was lovely. Truly their personality, interesting, calm, and full of who they were. It’s more conventional, less wild and out there, so I could see myself living in such a home as well.


I love her. Her energy, wit, interesting personality, fun rooms and hidey holes all over the place, and how NOT PRECIOUS she is with everything, makes me adore this entire home even though I absolutely do not want to live in it.


They are a lovely, lovely, LOVELY couple to watch. Funny, self-deprecating, interesting, with truly their personality coming through their home. I took away a few ideas from their home such as using baskets as decor on the wall (maybe not baskets for me, but jewellery?). I loved their home.


Loved him on “Queer Eye”, love his home, love his personality. His closet is absolutely stunning, and the use of that attic space and all of his clothes were just such a treat to look at. Plus his kitchen, his personal touches in how he created his whole home to the way he wanted. I adore this place.


He is extra, he is fun, he is absolutely hilarious and unapologetically wonderful. I loved seeing his personal touches and items in every nook and cranny of the home, along with his art, his thoughts. LOVED. That said, I would likely not want to live here. I just enjoyed how his personality really came through as HIS home.


Her house is just interesting. I would never put taxidermy in my home, but I appreciate that she has a vision and it is GRAND. Every room is full of colour, interest, vintage items, and I really appreciate people who know who they are. Her closet is… INSANE. Truly insane. And her fashion friend is none other than Mr. Christian Louboutin.



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