Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where million-dollar homes are dumpy “fixer uppers”..

LOL. Balenciaga made a thousands-of-dollars leather version of the Ikea bag. It is a good shape after all, for carrying a TON OF CRAP.

I recently bought a bag of raw cacao nibs. I know they’ll be bitter and so on, but apparently they’re one of the most amazing superfoods in the world, which I am willing to try if it will make my life better, perhaps I can add them to my snacks, or just eat them as-is. Who knows?

EVERYONE has time for these 30-minute workouts, even I do, with a full-time job, full-time family and a full-time blog. I am making a vow to take care of myself more even with all of these priorities pulling me apart, and doing a workout in the morning. If I have time, you have time. No more excuses, amirite?

Baby Bun has been hassling me for this hungry caterpillar toy, he loves the book so much.

Karl Lagerfled is the ultimate in public relations and a natural born businessman, self-promotor, and marketer. I have been reading articles and books about this man throughout the years, and he knows how to get into your wallet.

I have been trying to find a case for my iPod Touch (organizer) that also carries a few cards, a pen, coins, and so on, like a wallet hybrid. This wallet seems to fit the bill.

How to buy a “normal” million-dollar home in the SF Bay area. WTF is all I can say.

I own this Samsonite Luggage Spinner and it is great for airports because you don’t need to drag it behind you like a conventional suitcase (it really does hurt your shoulder and arms), and can just slide it alongside yourself (less strain on your muscles). The ONLY flaw it has is you can’t lock the wheels, so if you take the metro like we do, it is annoying to have to grip it between your legs.


AJ Restless Feet (Juliet) in her post for her June 2017 Roundup, featured my 10 Money Tips.

Beyond Mirrors talked about a capsule wardrobe and featured my Minimalist Parisian Fashion.


  • SarahN

    Yeah in true minimalist style, I have the same carry sized suitcase since high school, which I graduated from in 2002. And it was used at least 8 times per annum in school years (boarding school). It has ‘skateboard’ style two wheels, and I’m happy. Yes, it can be taxing, but it handle cobblestones 😉 I’m not sure if I would upgrade to the four wheel type for the reason you mention.

    From you other summary post – wow, all the feels and a hollow stomach feeling about the Filipino workers in the New Yorker article. I felt I’d read it before – and that’s a little the point. It’s so gosh darn prevalent. Globalisation is saddening.

    I’ve recently paid for a F45 membership. 45 for 45 minutes. It’s intense, but the ‘people watching’ me akes me more committed than left to my own devices, so it’s money well spent. I want to get under 70kg, cause in university I was 70-72kg, and I’ve been 80 in past weeks (was sick… so somewhat inflated). But happy to be under 76kg from a steady 78kg for a while, and m=*must keep it up*

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      The 4-wheel suitcase is great, but not if you aren’t going to be on paved roads. I tried the backpack for our last trip but I am going back to a regular carry-on, it was killer on my back PLUS having to carry Baby Bun.

      Filipino and Indonesian workers… those tend to be the two I see ..

      I would agree that peer pressure in a gym would make me work harder. Maybe that’s why I’m so lazy with yoga poses at home. Vanity. 😛

  • Steveark

    Even here in Arkansas real estate can get crazy. I saw where an acquaintance of mine had bought a house for $2.1 million here and then bulldozed it down to build a new similarly priced house on the property. It is kind of mind boggling!

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