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A Minimalist Suitcase: Roll up everything, don’t pack it ever again

In theory, I love the idea of this ROLO suitcase packing thingamajig.


In real life, I can imagine these things do NOT stay flat the way they should inside those mesh bags (chalk this up to experience, as I have used and purchased mesh bags before when I travel).


Everything shifts, nothing stays in place.. and unless there are specifically compartmentalized areas, it all shifts into one big hot bundled mess in the corner of the mesh bag.rolo-rolling-suitcase-pack-2Maybe it doesn’t happen here because it’s lying flat, and you’re rolling it so it all stays together, however.

I do like the idea however.


  • Kristi

    Hm yeah I thin packing cubes are a better alternative. Definitely help me fit more into a suitcase without the shifting around.

  • Alexis

    Wow! This is such an awesome idea! I’ve never seen this before.

  • Michael Grahm

    I actually bought a Rolo on their Kickstarter and love it! Its true it doesn’t hold that much stuff, but it does actually organize everything quite nicely. I smile everytime I pull it out and know that I don’t need to dig in my pack at all. I spent a month in Asia and this thing SAVED MY LIFE. Try before you hate 🙂

  • Tania

    Interesting idea but I don’t think it would be practical to just hang everything rolled up like that at the destination. Even if it stayed put on route, everything would slide to the bottom when hung up. I love my Eagle garment folder. I can pretty much fit all my clothes for a trip in one medium size, then I pouch everything else in separate pouches (toiletries, tech, underwear). Then throw everything into a light rolling carry-on suitcase.

  • Janine

    This is kind of useless in my mind. You’ll notice that none of the clothes in the sample have structure or bulk–no sweaters, no suit jackets with shoulderpads. They also don’t include things that look like they would require decent ironing to look good, and the amount of folding to fit everything into the mesh pockets would mean a lot of annoying ironing if you did pack things that could wrinkle.

    I don’t think this item really solves a problem, at least not one that I have. Packing and unpacking clothes once I’m on a trip isn’t very time-consuming for me, and the space clothing takes up is comparatively minimal. For me, the real physical weight and inflexible bulk comes in the tech bag– computer, tablet, phone, iPod, cords for all four; international adapter for international travel; a notebook and a paperback (or two) for when the tech isn’t what I want or need. If they really wanted to create a useful product, that’s the bag they’d do something about.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Oh good point. A sweater would ruin everything although I’d probably suggest wearing it rather than packing it. 🙂

      I just try to pack items that don’t wrinkle. The less you bring, the better.

  • Taylor Lee

    I’m… skeptical about this suitcase. Like you said, roll up things tend to bunch. Also, I think this would be a thousand times more useful if it had a handle in addition to the hook. I don’t want to be carrying a big roll up under my arm or over my shoulder if I could just hold it.

    Interesting bag though, thanks for pointing it out!

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