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Where I shop for organic things online in Canada:

This is an UNSOLICITED rave review of a website I have been testing & shopping with for months now — … and I am ready to write about all the good about shopping on here (so far, no bad things other than not being able to smell or touch the products in-person).

I have literally spent hundreds of dollars buying stuff for Baby Bun (mostly glass baby bottles, cloth diaper covers, etc), all my toiletries including John Masters Organics shampoos, Consonant hand cream for the body, and anything under the sun I can think of.

Reasons why I (generally) like shopping online:

  • Gets delivered to my door
  • No gas used in getting to a store
  • Not having to park / dress / leave the house
  • Having a wider range of goods online

The only con is I can’t touch anything or smell it. So when I read reviews or THINK about what it might feel or smell like, I’m going on gut feeling. has a huge range of everything imaginable. It is a fantastic site and I don’t have to leave my house to do any of this crazy shopping nonsense with a toddler.

I also love their customer service and they will accept any return for free and they ship for free over $29.


I love this site, I love the people working there (or at least the ones that sign “Thanks! :)” on all my receipts, and I love that it is only 5% GST to shop online versus in-person in Quebec (15% ouch!!)

Anyway, I highly recommend the site if you are Canadian.

The coupon you can use for $10 off your order of $40 is:


(Valid until Nov 2015)

You get $10. I get $10. gets your business & they WILL win your heart.



  • Lila

    I use & grocery deliveries ($4.95/delivery). I’m not Canadian but I agree with you that there are benefits to getting stuff delivered. I use my car less now, don’t have to deal with traffic & rude drivers, and just having convenience is a huge plus. Neither me nor my bf like to shop.

    Plus that frees up time to spend with loved ones and for our personal hobbies.

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