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What would you say is “you” and what would you say is “not you”?

This is all me:

  • Minimalist – just a dress and a watch
  • Classic lines – collared shirts, structured blazers, slim pants
  • Menswear – blazer tweed collars button ups trench
  • Crisp – sharp collar, sharp pleats
  • Stripes – blue and white only
  • Pops of colour – magenta, cobalt
  • Clean – no ruffles, no hand held bags, but lace is somehow okay
  • Ethnic inspirations – Bollywood for instance
  • Retro inspirations – 1920s, 1940s, 1950s mostly
  • Architectural pieces – with interesting folds or pleats
  • Quiet luxury pieces – Like ones from The Row
  • High-waisted anything
  • Wrap anything – sweaters, jackets, skirts…
  • Rocker – studs, leather, metal designs
  • Abstract prints, florals and patterns
  • Contrasts – high/low, leather/lace

So something like this checks off a lot of points above from minimalist, clean lines, to quiet luxury, crisp, retro inspiration to high-waisted anything, wrap anything to rocker contrasts.

This is NOT me:

  • Girly – ruffles, lacy pleats
  • Super flashy or glittery clothing – unless chosen thoughtfully
  • Cheapie polyester
  • Actual flower-like florals – small Liberty prints, small flowers
  • Neon colours of any kind
  • Pastels of any kind – only ivories & creams are OK if they count as pastels
  • Bohemian / Hippie
  • Short, cropped, & revealing skintight clothing
  • Trendsetting items – harem pants, platform shoes
  • Dowdy prairie Grandma wear – long midi skirts, lace trims, peter pan collars
  • Denim if it isn’t dark rinse and in jeans – not bleached, rinsed, or a jacket
  • Sporty – Athleisure is not in my vocabulary
  • Yoga/sweat anything – unless I’m actually in yoga & sweating
  • Extremely high heels – 3.5″ is my max; any higher & they turn into platforms which make me go ick


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • mia

    For professional settings, my style is preppy–lots of Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, etc.

    I do like prints–like a Lilly Pulitzer top (a whole dress with one of the prints is too much for work), or a shirt with gingham, or a simple floral, or maybe little anchors or sailboats.

    I realize this isn’t for everyone, but the look is something I always revert to and it doesn’t really go out of style and looks flattering on me. Simple silver or gold jewelry, or pearls/silver beads.

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