Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where Celebrities are hot messes when it comes to money.

Some of the most powerful images I have come across in a long time, depicting race, power and the balance of it all. H/T to Sarah.

Still really wanting this gorgeous kind of steampunk-y watch, but I’d have to retire one of the watches in my fold to justify buying it.

I have been having a tough time sleeping lately, not because I am not fatigued, exhausted and brain-drained, but because I have so much I want to do – get better (I caught a nasty cold which is turning bronchial), read my book, do more yoga, relax, catch up on blogging to hustle and schedule posts until the end of August so I can breathe & relax…. As a result, I need to start doing these six (easy) stretching poses before bed to calm myself down.

I use and am obsessed with these cord tacos for keeping my cords organized.

Speaking of healthy things, here are a few things to do in the morning to start the day off right. I do at least 2 of them — pack my lunch for work, and connect with my family before we all rush off for the day.

I have been wearing these flats of mine TO DEATH at work. They are SO comfortable, do not give me blisters, stay on my feet, have a nice elastic back to hold on tight, and don’t have any weird, ugly, flashy colours on the soles (Tieks, yuck!!), are made in Italy, and come in so many colours. For dressier days, I opt for these.

I saw this lamp in a very chic store and wanted it. Until I saw the price tag of course, but hey, I still think it looks great.

Oh Johnny Depp. Loved him in his movies, but he is a HOT MESS financially.

My workplace is super, SUPER casual (no one dresses up *sob*), and I am having trouble dressing for it because I am used to heels & silk…. I’ve been opting to just wearing a lot of wrap dresses like this one with flats to try and balance the two sides.

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  • SarahN

    HA! I do all those poses at my Barre Body class twice a week, in addition to some serious work on muscles etc. No wonder i’m hooked!

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