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What I read: The Christmas Edition

Little Bun Reads:

  • Chess for Kids – He has expressed and interest so I got him a picture book with strategies from a Grand Master to help him learn more
  • What is the point of science – He has started on the book without me, and made it through 1/5 before we read together! I expressed surprise (it was about 20 pages of dense text), but he did it.
  • How to be good at math – We do a page a night, we are on fractions now, and I gave him a quiz the other day which he aced
  • Heart & Brain Comics – He adores these comics! He thinks he is part Heart and part Brain like me.

  • January: 41
  • February: 24
  • March: 24
  • April: 17
  • May: 20
  • June: 11
  • July: 28
  • August: 28
  • September: 23
  • October: 18
  • November: 10
  • December: 2

I watched a lot more than what I read. I watched SO MUCH this month, that I took a break from books.

What I read

Hold On to your Kids – Why parents need to matter more than peers

[ Parenting, Children, Peer, Adults ]

An excellent parenting book. Likely the best I have read in a long time with solid, smart, actionable information. Long story short, it makes far more sense that your parents should matter more to you than your friends, for the beginning part of your life. A strong family connection makes such a difference in guidance in the world and becoming an adult.

How can children lead children?


[ History, Salt, Empires, World ]

This is an excellent history.. on the world. The world, led by the search and harvesting of salt. It’s truly fascinating, and an excellent, witty read.


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