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Style Trio: Inspirations of #OOTD style I love – Part One

Part of my Style Trio Inspirations Series where I have been posting on Instagram @saverspender all my inspirations for #OOTD style.

Inspired by this white on white onslaught in fashion. It looks so crisp..

Pink is one of my favourite colours, I love magenta or fuchsia the best (omg that maxi skirt is everything) but even a pink blazer on @seeannajane or in a chiffon top belted with a studded belt is just as stunning.

A belt can change everything in a look, cinch you in and give you volume, interest, shape and a waist all at once.

Normally am not a fan of al black looks but a tuxedo blazer looks best in black, you could rock a short look with high statement heels or do a casual black long duster cardigan …

I am almost convinced I need a camo jacket now. It would look so interesting cuffed with a black turtleneck and jeans….

Off the shoulder or cold shoulder looks have slowly been growing on me. I guess you could say I am warming up to them (hardee har har 🤣) but I must say these make me want to go deeper into this trend… I have yet to wear a strapless piece like @rhianna , but I will try the backwards cardigan soon, or the slouchy off the shoulder casualness of @wendyslookbook

Formal dresses have the most beautiful details and designs, just take a look at these bodices!!!

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