Save. Spend. Splurge.

The secret to becoming rich

Everyone’s dream is to get rich quick over night.

I have seen it all and heard it all from going to pray and plead the Pope in Rome (no joke) for the winning lottery numbers, to thinking you can borrow money to dump it into this hot stock which is promised to be the next Apple or Google ….


But there is no secret.

The only way to get rich is very simple and

Spend less than what you make.

Make as much money as you can.

That is really, truly it.

For most of us plebs, there is no wealth or richness without hard work involved.

So why is it that we think we can get rich without working and saving?

Human nature perhaps, to think optimistically which is probably one reason why no one thinks about retirement until it’s too late.

Perhaps sheer desperation from seeing and envying others for what they have and what they have worked for (results), even if it wasn’t their work directly, as it may have come from their parents who were the ones who saved.

The simple formula given above for wealth is not sexy.

It is not something you can package and sell with slick marketing.

..and therefore, since it isn’t a magic pill, it isn’t popular.

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