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My truly minimalist wallet

Lately I’ve cut down drastically on what I carry.

I used to carry a massive zip around wallet where I stored all my reward, credit and other identification cards.

Here’s a rare photo of Baby Bun when he was still in diapers, “organizing” my wallet for me:

Now? I carry one credit card, my drivers license, car papers, my metro card, spare $20 and a $20 bill inside my iPod Touch case.

That’s it.

(Not my actual iPod Touch case, but you get the idea. Same size.)

I’ve been doing this for the past 5 months and I thought I’d be lost without all my cards, my coins and where would I put all my things?!???

In the end, I just do without it. My iPod Touch case is my wallet, and I tried to streamline it as much as possible.

I put all my rewards cards, and any other important cards in an app called StoCard that I use at registers to scan the barcode of, and any other credit cards are no longer in daily use.

Sometimes the cards scan, sometimes they don’t and they have to type it in (The Bay & Jean Coutu I’m looking at you)

I have a credit card shared with my partner, another I only use for online and international purchases so I don’t pay forex (foreign exchange) fees, and another spare card I never use but have just in case everything is maxed (usually happens when we book big trips and even if I clear the card, it takes a few days to give us the limit back).

I’ve never felt freer.

The only thing is the coins. I have no place for coins, and I always have to keep a $20 bill in there so cover anything, because $5 wouldn’t hack it for some items if I had to pay in cash, so once in a while I have to get rid of the change somehow by buying things to eat 😉

I put my iPod Touch in my pocket and off I go. I have everything I need, except for my keys. If I could somehow get my keys to be attached to my iPod Touch case as well, we’d be in business but I have no idea how that would work.

I find that women tend to carry a phone, a big purse for their wallet, AND keys.

Men… tend to just be simpler in this regard — phone, a few cards, and keys. But men’s clothing also has way more pockets than women’s clothing :-\

I also find that women’s clothing has smaller pockets that don’t necessarily fit bigger phones in there either.

How do you carry your money?


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