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Money Talk: What does having money mean to you?



It is being able to decide — yes, today I can indeed buy a $50 salad spinner and not feel the pinch.

Or spend $17 on some eye drops that you need (medically).

Having money is all about being free to say things like — I do not need this job any more, I can leave and go somewhere else and cover my expenses until then.

Having money means you also have a better life, in the sense that instead of scrimping and buying food only heavily discounted or eating out of cans, you have the privileged choice of buying fresh and even organic; paying 5X the price for the “same” product.

You don’t worry about things when you have money because you have the money to buy any thing you want within reason.

You focus on other things like wanting work less, stay at home with your kid, and it is all because you have money.

You treat yourself to $60 pedicures because you don’t want to and cannot really do it yourself at home (I have tried, I have the entire kit and I STILL screw it up so I have decided just to pay for it although I will say that I still cut my own hair for free at home so it is a tradeoff.)

What about you?

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