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Money Talk: The biggest thing I worry about when it comes to money is..

The biggest thing I worry about when it comes to money is… having enough.

Doesn’t everyone worry about having enough? I want so much saved that even if the market tanks, I STILL have enough money to live on and see the recession through.

The fear I feel of those people who ‘retired’ and then hit the recession is real. I mean a lot of these people had to go back to work and couldn’t find the jobs they used to have as Vice-Presidents, etc. So minimum wage it was.

I will always feel like there are missed opportunities to make and save more money, and that is a challenge for me – to really let go and stop working when the time comes.

I cannot help myself – my brain just wants to keep going. How much MORE can I save to REALLY secure my life and my lifestyle?

That’s my problem with money. It just seems so silly to stop working when I love it and I can make so much.

What about you?


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  • Anne

    If you love working, then there’s no reason to stop doing that, no matter how much money you already have.
    I really like my current work and it pays well, but I wouldn’t continue if I didn’t need the money. I am saving in order to be able to work with what I love, which happens to be something that generates very little money. 5-6 years, if eveything goes well, then I can start doing what I love, for the rest of my life.

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