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Minimalist, Travel-Ready Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots

I already own these amazing Miss Juliette Aigle Rainboots, but this is interesting:

Foldable Japanese Rubber Boot – $129




They say:

With space at a premium in many Japanese homes, the demand for a boot that is at once as durable as it is compactable has resulted in the sturdiest and most efficient pair of rubber boots you’ll ever own.

Put simply, these wellies are a game-changer.

Their uniquely flexible, adaptable design allows you to literally roll them up and stash them away, whether slid into a desk drawer, stacked neatly in a hallway, or stowed inside your hand luggage.

It must be fairly soft rubber so that it doesn’t crack, and feels pliable, much like the vulcanized rubber of Aigle boots.


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