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Minimalist and Organized Key Ring: Use a rock-climbing ring

Keys drive me crazy.

Like literally up the wall crazy, especially when you have to remove them off a key ring, or need to fish a specific key out to use to get out of your parking garage every. single. day.

This is my minimalist answer: Use a rock-climbing hook.

Apparently they’re called “D-Rings” or “Steel Ladder Hooks” but I just call them rock-climbing or mountaineering hooks.


It’s the simplest solution I’ve found to keep keys in check.

The little hook there just pops open easily when you need to take out a key, and you can hook it to basically anything, even your belt (if you’re geeky) or to the inside of your purse.

Don’t get the kind that you need to unscrew and twist. Pain in the butt.

Get the easy-flip kind.

(Found in any sports store!)


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