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Man proposes to his “girlfriend” and gets rejected, so bills her for $200,000

“[…] that’s what happened in Australia when 65-year-old Bruce Dusting proposed to 42-year-old single mom Marie Lacombe and she shot him down.”

“Even though she claims they were never even in an actual relationship, he started giving her different gifts and helping her pay for major expenses.


These expenses, […] include everything from simple fitness classes, to dental appointments, tupperware, cash to help throw birthday parties for her kids, and even cosmetic surgery–a tummy tuck and breast implants.”

Read more viaHuffington Post, or watch the video above.

Just a thought… maybe he should have confirmed it was a relationship.

Just paying for stuff doesn’t mean you’re together in a relationship.

All of relationships usually have a kind of intimacy. Romantic intimacy.


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