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Luxury Designer Bag Investment Series: St Laurent Sac de Jour YSL Bag Review – History, Prices 2020

I started a series called: Luxury Designer Bag Investments – Are they actually worth the money? and will be going into the history & background, along with as many notes as possible into each Iconic Bag and how it reached Cult Status… and presumably stayed there!

As there are many bags, I will be posting a new one every week until I run out. 🙂

Today, introducing the…

St Laurent Sac de Jour (YSL)

HISTORY: Why & how it became famous

The name in French literally means: Bag of the Day. It was released in the year 2013 when new designer Hedi Slimane took over Yves Saint Laurent and renamed it to Saint Laurent.

The bag was supposedly to be a modern take on the Hermès Birkin, and the Birkin looks like this:

To be honest, I like the sleeker lines of the Sac de Jour versus the Birkin just aesthetically speaking. It is simple, roomy, full of compartments and it became an instant, iconic hit with celebrities.

A lot of purse lovers are divided on this bag, because they’re calling it a cheap fake of the Birkin, but others are defending it, saying it’s a classic look that doesn’t look anything like a Birkin.

How to tell if you have a genuine St Laurent Sac de Jour bag

  • The smell should smell like great leather not cheap plastic
  • The N and the T at the end of Laurent should touch slightly at the top
  • Font-wise: “Saint Laurent” was placed in Helvetica and “Paris” in a serif font called Copperplate.
  • All hardware is thick and heavy, not cheap and light
  • Zipper should say “Saint Laurent”
  • For the lock & Key, they should have the Saint Laurent logo
  • The logo inside should be the same as embossed on the outside
  • The lining should be ultra-suede and the raw seams will be coated in glossy wax

PRICE LIST for the Small St Laurent Sac de Jour bag


Year Price in $USD
2013 ???
2014 $2750
2015 $2750
2017 $2890
2020 $2890


The bag has decreased in value of 4% in value since 2014 when it originally cost $2750.

If we normalize it to 2020 dollars, $2750 back in 2014 is now worth $2998.35.

In stores, it sells for $2890 for a difference of -$108.35 or -4% over what its price would be, taking inflation solely into account.

(Remember, value is also subjective because someone has to see that and buy it from you at that price, just like with stocks, but a lot trickier to liquidate. Also, who is going to buy an old bag when they can buy a new one for the same price?)

The S&P 500 had you invested that same $2750 and not touched it or added any money to it, would have returned: $4490.58 even with the recent 2020 drop due to the virus:

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