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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Do you do a quarterly review of yourself?

1. High Achiever

Every 6 months or so (and especially at the end of contracts), I always update my CV but I think I will be going through and doing this quarterly Sherry review instead.

2. Brushed

I bought this paddle brush by Aveda for Little Bun’s hair to help get rid of his dry scalp flakes. He is old enough now that I cannot use the soft bamboo hairbrush I bought for him when he was a baby with wisps of hair.

3. Between the Scenes

I loved this hilarious video from Trevor Noah, talking about his life in South Africa to the audience before the show started (before all this COVID-19 stuff began). His anecdotes are funny, light-hearted and so authentic. On a more serious note, from recent events happening, this is one of the most important videos I have watched: What black parents teach their kids about how to deal with the police.

And this one as well: Jane Elliott asking a very simple question about race to a group of people

And finally, Atlanta Protests: My experience as a black woman.

4. Chanel-esque

I have wanted Chanel-style slingbacks for years now, and I can test the waters with a cheaper dupe by Banana Republic. It even comes in a classic brown suede that would be very versatile.

5. Habitual

Interesting read on not confusing habits for routines…and how to form habits.

6. Lashed

Apparently castor oil is a cheap and effective way to grow your hair, and eyelashes.  I am going to try this after my EyEnvy serum runs out because if that’s the case.. I AM ON BOARD! Just look at the images of customer testimonials. Would be worth a try.

7. Noodles

This is a delicious homemade chicken ramen…. I want to really try this recipe out. I haven’t eaten instant ramen in years because the flavour packet gives me such headaches from MSG.

8. Kelly

This YSL bag is still pretty pricey but it is a way less expensive dead ringer for a Hermès Kelly, no? It looks very chic and elegant.


  • Financially Fit Dude

    All of these self-review kinds of things are a bit new to me, but I find them quite helpful. Actually, I find quite helpful writing down what I intend to do for the day, the week or the month. I’m yet hardly believing that it works, but it does. Doing the same aiming to analyze longer period of time is something worthy of consideration.

    Reading about things through that period of time helps me revise my opinion on things and understand what I could do better next time, but also helps me stay on the right track.

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