Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


What I liked this week:


  • I’m a Contrarian (which sounds about right except for the doesn’t spend impulsively part). What are you? (Thanks to iou)
  • What a beautiful little animal
  • I really… truly.. want this bag like you wouldn’t believe. But not for the $1000 price tag.
  • Succinct, relevant career advice and tips when starting your first job; my 5 favourites being (1) “butt-in-the-seat time”, (2) “learn how to communicate your opinions”, (3) “do it don’t just say it”, (4)  “be an early bird” & (5) “know the cold hard facts”.
  • How long does an average marriage last? Looks like Rome & Italy take the cake.
  • What a lovely, LOVELY Mommy + Baby story..and speaking of Mommies, Aunties are pretty awesome too because this one freaked out in the cutest way
  • This is a wandering nomad but she’s also a bit of a couch surfer/mooch, as with all “nomads”; unless you live in an apartment hotel or hostel when you’re traveling or “location independent”, you’re just a couch-surfer / mooch.
  • This is a fantastic infographic of the languages spoken around the world; Chinese may be the largest but English, Spanish, French and Portuguese are the most versatile to know.
  • She’s a good egg, that Taylor Swift
  • I am probably in this category of being disturbingly frugal. Poor Neiman Marcus.
  • Here’s a video about what people around the world think of Americans.. and what I gathered from that is that people think America is mostly white which isn’t true. There’s a great range of diversity of Americans but only so-called “true Americans”, don’t have to say for instance: “I am a white American”, they just say “American”; whereas other cultures or races have to specify what they are before saying “American”. Like “Asian American”, ‘Latin-American”.. etc
  • Speaking of culture, this list of 22 signs you grew up with immigrant parents made me laugh
  • 100 years of fashion in 2 minutes is pretty incredible. I loved watching this.


  • The Asian Pear

    All 22 signs were true for me. O_O;;

  • ArianaAuburn

    I took that quiz and my financial personality is the Oasis. I guess it’s good to be in the 7th%. It was right about:
    -Doesn’t spend impulsively
    -Doesn’t reach out to others for help or support for financial issues
    -Thinks of creative ideas to solve financial issues
    -Knows about their current finances.
    -Reads all the fine print
    -Hunts down great deal
    It was not right about the
    Not keeping a budget part because I have spreadsheets and spreadsheets of them since 2010

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