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I love being told I am attractive, but not objectified

There seems to be a disconnect between the idea of being appreciated for being attractive and being objectified as a form of appreciation.

Saying “you are sexy” is not the same as saying “I’d love to give her a piece”.

See the difference?

They are not the same.

I know to some, it may seem like it’s the same thing, but it really isn’t.

One makes the woman feel beautiful and valued, and the other makes them feel dirty and cheap.

It’s like confusing being ‘frugal’ with being ‘cheap’.


Also, I think it’s quite easy for many men to not say anything and roll straight into ‘bro talk’ just to fit in, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

Baby Bun is going to be raised to have an appreciation for the difference because language really does mean everything.

The main thing he is going to learn, is that whenever and whatever he says about women, he should be picturing his cousins, his aunts, his grandmother, and his mother when he does it.

If you wouldn’t like someone saying what you are saying about your female relatives and friends, then rephrase it.

I love being told I am attractive, and I smile and accept it happily, but I don’t like being objectified, even behind my back.

You may think people don’t talk, but they do and eventually, it gets back to them.

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