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How do men have second families?

I say “men” because women simply do not have them. At least, very VERY rarely, as in I have never heard of a woman having one, but I have heard of plenty of men (famous ones too, particularly in France) who had completely separate families.

The logistics of how this all works is kind of fascinating to me. I wonder how one keeps up a charade for so long without being found out! Now with social media, I bet it is getting harder, as you get tagged in everything, so if someone sees you tagged in another album or your social circles happen to cross based on similar schools you’ve all attended, it must get very tricky.

Here are my thoughts / slight observations / musings on how men can maintain two families (why they even have them to begin with is another topic completely I do not wish to delve into):


Perhaps they have families on either side of the coast, to really SEPARATE the two physically… so their circles are unlikely to touch. If you have kids in the same region going to school with your other kids, can you imagine!? Then as they grow up, go to high school, then university…. sooner or later they will touch.

Or maybe completely separate countries. One family in another continent completely, would make even more sense because then you would not have the fear of mixing the two. Very rarely anyway…

They have fake traveling jobs

Obviously they are traveling a lot. Maybe a salesperson? Executive of some sort? Always going overseas for weeks at a time, then coming back for a few weeks, then off again. That is the only way this works because you have to spend time equally with both families, right?


Maybe even separate assistants – one for each family, separate bank accounts (can’t have one family log into one, and see much more than they expected, etc).


Keeping one family, let alone two, is an expensive endeavour. You have to pay for children, their education, two homes, upkeep of said homes or households…

I would imagine they have money or some way of being able to pay for all of this without feeling too much of a pinch.


A calendar maybe? One for each family? And then major holidays interspersed with one flipping on and off for every other year…

Then vacations, they have separate ones of course, one with one family, the other with another. Maybe a beach vacation with one, skiing with another?

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