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Dear Petro Canada, I don’t like being cheated at your gas stations

Petro-Canada has raised all of their prices by $0.01 – $0.03 per item so that when you ring it through the till, it comes out to an even amount.

Instead of $5.50 for instance, it is now $5.53 so that instead of (after taxes) being $6.22, it is $6.25.

They have rounded up ALL the prices to be in their favour before taxes.

What assh*#$*!!


Not only is it appalling to me that a company would take advantage of the penny being phased out in Canada to make a little extra profit (this stinks of the Euro being abused in Europe), but it applies to ALL transactions, not just cash ones.

The change in pricing also affects ALL THE ITEMS before the final total is tallied, not when you see the final total and it goes from being $76.51 to $76.50 for instance.

So on EVERYTHING you buy at Petro-Canada, you are paying more money because they’re being greedy, mercenary jackasses.

The rule in Canada was supposed to be:

If you paid by debit or credit, the final total amount regardless of the penny wouldn’t need to be rounded up or down.

It is just a TRANSACTION that has nothing to do with physical pennies not existing, so you can pay $3.51 if you wanted because it’s just a number.

If you paid in cash, then yes, it would be rounded up or down because we no longer have the penny.

Since Petro-Canada didn’t want to lose any money at the end of the year, or put any trust in the fact that it would all pretty much even out (take a penny, leave a penny concept), so they went ahead and f*cked with the prices.

It’s their perogative, and yes it’s just a penny or three, but it is the PRINCIPLE of the way they went about it that has me pissed off.

EVERY price has rounded up for consumers, and the only explanation we get is:

It’s due to the penny roundup even though you’re paying by credit or debit“.


Not a SINGLE PRICE is rounded down to even out this business practice.

If the item is even $0.01 over after taxes, they have rounded it up the pre-tax amount to the next nickel ($0.05).

Yes, it’s business and they can do whatever the hell they want but it is not good business in my opinion and they can go f*ck themselves because as a consumer, I can also choose to spend and go wherever the hell I want.

Lastly — did they bother to change the prices so that it’s reflected? No. Not at all.

So now customers are looking at their receipts seeing an extra $0.01 – $0.03 tacked on when the signage clearly says otherwise.

Petro-Canada as Liars? Yes.

Petro-Canada as Cheats? Most definitely.

If you’re going to screw with the prices, you should have at least rolled out a plan to change ALL THE GODDAMN PHYSICAL SIGNAGE AS WELL.

I just feel cheated, and as a consumer, I’m keeping my business away from them.


There are plenty of other places to take my money to and I’m voting with my dollar, even if they don’t see any effect from my loss of business.


  • Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    Oh wow, I don’t shop/get fuel at Petro so I hadn’t noticed this, but it would irk me so badly. Like the time I went through a drive-thru and they rounded up even though it was $0.97. My fiancĂ© thought I was crazy for being annoyed about not getting my nickel back, but as you said it is the principle – can you imagine how much extra profit they would have with $0.01 – $0.04 added to each transaction. And that wasn’t a blatant tack-on at the end like Petro’s receipt, just poor rounding skills.

    • saverspender @ save. spend. splurge.

      I don’t mind about the penny.. so much.. but it bothers me that companies do such changes and think: It’s just a few cents.

      Yeah it is, but at the end of the year it adds up to how much extra for you? And how much do I get screwed out of in a lifetime?

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