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Browsing structured handbags.. because you know, I have lots of free time right now

I’ve been eying structured handbags lately. Can you believe that when I went through my entire handbag collection, all I own are soft, leather bags?

NONE of them are structured or boxy, and sometimes an outfit screams for something more angular.


This Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. (Morning after bag… not sure why they named it so oddly with such a strong hint of a one-night-stand), looks quite nice.

I like the clean, simple lines, the simple front flap, and that it has a doctor’s bag feel to it.

It also look structured without being too boxy like those Cambridge Satchels that have been overdone to death and knocked off everywhere as of late.


I was pawing this Matt & Nat Malone vegan leather bag in Town Shoes recently (in black).

I liked the doctor’s clasp on it (it opens up REALLY nicely and closes with a satisfying snap)… but the vegan leather has deteriorated in quality since I last purchased a bag from them (Samsara, their now defunct line).

The vegan leather feels like.. well, vegan leather, that is, plastic and stiff. It doesn’t feel like leather, which is disappointing.

It looks better in black than in cognac, more stylish and chic.


Then Revanche comes along with this email, and my immediate thought was: PREEETTTTYYY!!!


So pretty.

It even opens up like a doctor’s bag.. LOVE.



Anyway, that’s as far as I got right now. Obviously I have a style I like — doctor’s bags, but I also want a more structured look… that is soft.

I may be too difficult to please.


  • Alexandra @ telltaleblog

    I like this kind of bags as well. I think I will splurge on a Kate spade or Marc Jacobs when I have more money. All the bags I own now are the slouchy, hobo type, and they’re not very elegant.

  • Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    Bags are just one of those things I don’t get spending money on. Between the bags/totes I get from free events and the occasional gift, I’m all set.

  • Tania

    I’ve loved every Minkoff bag that I’ve owned or touched. I believe it’s called the MAB because although it’s not too big, it’s still big enough to carry all the essentials should the need arise 😉 I don’t have the satchel but do have several of the crossbody bags and use them all the time.

    That Kate Spade is beautiful.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Ahhh… That makes more sense. 🙂

      What Minkoff bags do you own?

      • Tania

        @save. spend. splurge.: I have the MAC Clutch Crossbody, the Mini 5 Zip Clutch and the Easy Rider Date Studded Crossbody Clutch. I also have the camera bag but wouldn’t recommend that one, it’s too small but not a good style for evening. I also don’t like the thin strap. All the other styles I have I’d recommend. The MAC Clutch Crossbody is the most useful if I had to pick one.

  • Tracy

    What about the Michael Kors Selma? Or higher end … Prada Saffiano Tote, or even the Chanel Flap which I know you love. 😉

    • save. spend. splurge.

      The Chanel Flap I am actually not a fan of. I don’t like chain handles.. I feel like they’d dig into my shoulder.

      The Prada Saffiano Tote I like but it doesn’t have long enough handles. I’m a bit of a stickler for having handles long enough for your shoulder (practicality).

      As for Michael Kors Selma, I generally don’t like Michael Kors as a designer.. it’s a hit and miss for me, but it also doesn’t have handles long enough for my shoulder.

      (Damn girl, you know your bags!)

  • The Asian Pear

    That Matt & Nat bag is gorgeous.

  • Michelle

    Oh I love that Kate Spade bag! That would be perfect for travel. I bought this one from Anthropologie last year, it’s not as pink as in the picture but its the perfect size for travel.

  • laura

    On my bag wish list (I feel bad that I have such a thing!) is the Prada Saffiano.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      It’s a very beautiful bag but the handles are not long enough for my shoulder..!!

      Also.. very expensive. I am not sure I can spend that kind of money on a bag when it isn’t as useful as a winter coat 😉

      Not yet anyway.

  • Kathy

    Ok, now you are officially in territory that I love. I used to get a Coach classic bag and carry it for about 10 years before I’d buy anything new. But now I’m able to afford more and I’ve developed a designer handbag guilty pleasure. I still try to not overdo it but here’s my favorites. I got two Modalu Pippa (carried by Duchess Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton) in gray and in brown. Love them except the gray has become discolored somehow and now has some reddish tinge to it. Very disappointing but the brown one is holding up really nice. Lots of zippered areas and many compartments inside. I also got a Michael Kors in black that is very stiff and structured. It holds its shape great. Just one main zippered compartment but lots of little compartments inside. I have several Vera Bradley soft bags for summer and of course my Coach bags that I continue to carry. Love them all. Do I need them all? Of course not but the Michael Kors I bougt with a gift card and several Vera Bradley ones were given to me. Soo the expense was not great.

  • MelD

    LOL – I loathe floppy bags, they look messy to me! So all my bags are structured… Love that Kate Spade one!

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