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Ask Sherry: What an average retirement day would look like

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What do you see your retirement looking like? An average day?

Oh dear. Well.. I’d have part of my day start with Little Bun for sure, before he goes off to school (depending on when I retire).

Then I’d probably spend the morning reading blogs with a mug or two of tea.

I’d also probably spend time preparing a nicer lunch, maybe do a few little chores like laundry or cleaning the kitchen, then settle into a chair with a book, or go for a walk with music.

Or go to yoga class. I’ve always loved the idea of taking off for yoga just before lunch, coming back and having a nice healthy salad and reading a book.

In the afternoon, I have no idea what I’d do with myself. Blog some more? Work on whatever project I am on at the moment? Start listing stuff on eBay to sell?

I have no freaking clue. I think that is why I cannot retire. I need work to fill in the hours of the day, or at least a project like Tim Stobbs who is writing a book or going to school part-time or something to learn or do something.

I would probably be unhealthily obsessed with organizing my closet and expenses. Or maybe with Little Bun. HAHA. He’d be so sick of me by then — “Mommmmmmmm!!!!”…. 🙂

Do you like Brené Brown? (You might like her stuff from a parenting perspective)

I keep getting her books recommended to me but I have not had a chance to read them.

Do you have anything that you LOVE but never wear? (If yes – why do you love it and why do you never wear it?)

Capes. Have not found the perfect cape. I have worn ponchos, and long cardigans, but an actual CAPE, like a nurse’s vintage cape or whatever, and your arms sticking out but maybe not stuck..

It is hard. I have always wanted the look but then think I might look like Red Riding Hood or look very silly.

I am in LOVE with this look:

Or anything cape-y:

Would you ever whiten your teeth?

I have! I’m vain. The only thing is that I would never make my teeth so white that it looks like a toilet bowl. Honestly, that kind of bleached blinding whiteness scares the EFF out of me. I think it looks terrible. Off-white is far more natural.

Describe a moment that you encountered something that changed the way you thought about your appearance or fashion. (For me: my sister said to me once, “When you look good, people treat you better.” Fml it’s true though! Kind of opened up my mind. Previously I was all about comfort and brain power. Who cares what you look like? Oh. Everyone. Ok then.)

When I realized that I had power when I dressed better and looked my best — at work, outside of work… I get treated so much better, way more respect and people are so much nicer when you look good (obviously are also polite) and have a self confidence that only wearing a great outfit can bring.

Just try and think about negotiating for more money in sweatpants. It doesn’t work.

I was also quite unattractive pretty much until end of high school. I had no sense of being pretty or anything (Ugly Duckling Syndrome), and it wasn’t until I started wearing different clothes, that I felt different about myself and realized that I was not as unattractive as I thought.

These days, there seems to be even more attention than when I was younger. I suspect having confidence also really helps, all thanks to wearing the proper  clothes that  fit and look good, and taking care of my appearance — light makeup, hair not always in a ponytail, focusing on the brain, etc.

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