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Ask Sherry: Do I believe in God?

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Hi Sherry, are you religious?

100% no.

I will say that I could be said to be a little spiritual. This is a throwback from my mother and her family who are deeeeeeeeply religiousbut not the holy water flinging Bible thumping kind (but … maybe a shade or two just before that).

Let’s just say my family has donated a lot to local churches to the point of pretty much re-building them.

I am nothing like that.

I do not go to church. I do not pray to any gods. I do not believe in any stories told about anything religion-wise. I do not go to temples, synagogues, etc.

I may visit them for cultural-sake — like when I went to Buddhist or Hindu temples when I traveled, and I respected their rules in covering up, but I do not go there to pray.

I do believe in the goodness that religion CAN bring however.

I don’t hate it, it is just not my thing.

I have friends who have cited religion as changing their lives around and bringing them back into the goodness of it, and I am all for it.

I do believe in people coming together for whatever reason makes sense to them (e.g. religion, god, etc), helping each other, and then using that as a stepping stone to give back and do good to the rest of those around them.

I don’t love all the negativity that comes with religion (you know what I am talking about), with rigid rules, strict punishments and disciplines that some higher being has meted down as the way we should live our life especially if these rules were formed way back when and have never, ever been updated to include women, diversity, and equal rights.

I do believe in karma however, which is why I say “I’m a little spiritual”…. I believe in doing good to receive back good.

I believe in sometimes just letting things flow and you can’t explain anything.

I also don’t want to use religion (EVER) as a way to say: That’s just the way _____ intended it to be and to use it as a way to get out of tough situations, as an explanation for everything that happens and to take zero responsibility for it.

So am I religious? No. But I know people who are.

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  • liteadventurer

    I’m a straight up atheist, but unfortunately have to sidestep questions about my lack of beliefs at work. I live in the south, which in many ways is still backward thinking and uneducated compared to most other geographic locations. How are views on religion where you live? Are people generally pretty tolerant?

    My go-to answer whenever patients, or less often employees, ask me about my religion, I tell them I do not discuss that topic and put an abrupt and usually awkward end to the conversation right there.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Where I live, I would say they are far more tolerant of you not being part of a religion or believing in anything, but they WILL mention their faith if you bring it up, but then they won’t push you or tell you you’re going to hell. I’ve found it best to just avoid all talk of religion. You never know who believes in what and I’d rather not put my foot in my mouth.

      That said, Quebec is a province the LEAST likely to have married folk it seems. All women keep their last names and many are not married with families… not sure about any kind of separation or common law divorce rates versus married folk but it is worth noting.

      I just don’t talk about it either and say what you say, but I find that the younger the generation, the less they believe in any of that. A lot of people my age are atheists.

      My partner is STAUNCHLY atheist meaning he will straight up flay anyone who preaches to him (even his momma!) and denounce it as nonsense (not at work though, he isn’t dumb). I’m less strict and frank, but I just politely smile and side step the issue.

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