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Ask Sherry: Blogging daily and how I do it

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You have been blogging consistently everyday for years. How do you write/create so many quality blogs? What does your writing process look like?


This question really stumped me. To be totally honest, I just write whatever pops in my head.

I am super..  I mean… SUPER talkative. If I am comfortable, and I may have met you for the first time or checked you within 30 minutes to see if you’re my kind of vibe (some people are not, that is cool, I just don’t voice what I think), I can talk your ear off.

I think about everything, talk about everything, go off on tangents, sit there and think about other things while I am on one topic.

My partner actually gets annoyed because out of the blue I’ll just say: “Well that’s really something that’s crazy about her isn’t it?”.. and he has zero context because I have been having the conversation in my head all alone. We could have started with one subject, paused for an hour or so.. and then in that time frame, my brain will have skipped from Tangent to Tangent to Tangent to end somewhere else completely.

On the phone with my best friends, I can talk for HOURS. Literal HOURS, and not get bored.

What might help is also, I read a lot of books on various subjects, and each time I read something new, or pick up a new fact that I am questioning or struck by, I start thinking about how I can talk about it or bring it up as a discussion point.

Or think about how I can link things together in my head.

I also just have a lot of interests. I like many things, I absorb a lot around me, I read a lot, I talk to different people, I am curious about everything and I don’t try to pigeonhole myself into one subject all the time. That’s not who I am.

That may not have helped.. but I truly don’t have a “process”. I just let things come to me as they do.

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