Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Look like a millionaire for less!

1. Like a million bucks

I loved this virtual shopping trip with Sassy Gran who teaches us how she looks like a millionaire for less than $40. She has a real eye for style, very stylish and elegant.

2. Tropical

Again with the jumpsuits. Sorry. This one has a print I am in love with, navy and green leaves.

3. Mistakes

I needed to read this article about how making mistakes is the real key to learning. Little Bun is having a really tough time not being perfect his first time around. I am working on getting him to cope with this fear of being imperfect and making mistakes by making it seem like mistakes = learning = fun. It’s a rough road.

4. Tulip

I still really want this Meem Label tulip skirt. In all the colours. And yes, before you ask, I own quite a few tulip skirts already for way more money than what this one is priced at, and I love wearing them.

5. Resilience

In line with making mistakes, children should also learn how to be resilient…. and mentally strong.

6. Lunch bucket

This bag looks incredible – structured, just like a lunch bucket and I am into it.

7. Aging gracefully

How younger women can age gracefully… I am strongly leaning towards letting myself go grey, and I love this quote the best: “Becoming a mountain lion wasn’t a phase to be avoided — it is the goal.

8. Rose gold love

I am obsessed with rose gold and this tote bag ticks off all the boxes for me.

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