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Are we addicted to our phones?

I’ve been hearing more and more stories about people getting killed because they were driving and texting, both drivers and pedestrians.


I can barely use a smartphone and talk, let alone walk and text, so DRIVING and texting is beyond my comprehension and scope of capabilities.

(No smart cracks here please)


I know people liken it to those who read while walking, but can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to be reading a book while driving?

Not looking at the road?

Or only glancing up occasionally?

I can’t remember the last time I saw someone reading a book and walking (or even holding an e-reader and walking).



I really feel like we’re addicted to our phones, and not only is it costing our physical lives, but our social relationships as well.

I cannot tell you how many times I see groups of people (or couples) clearly sitting together, but texting or tapping away on their phones instead of talking to each other.


Back to the book analogy, can you imagine just reading a book instead of talking to your friend over coffee?

I admit to whipping out the phone once in a while to check emails, see what’s happening on Twitter and so on… but I don’t do it during times when I am talking to a real, live, human person.

I’ll only check my phone (rarely) but if there is a half hour to an hour wait for something like a doctor or a dentist.

If I NEED to use it for directions or to find a place to eat some fast sushi, then yes, I’ll walk to a side, stop, and start searching.

I simply can’t walk and type.

What did we ever do before we had smartphones? Let’s do THAT.

It is just not worth our lives. It’s a stupid behaviour.


Incidentally, I’ve already gotten rid of my smartphone, and a cellphone altogether, and saved myself just about $2100 or more.

Do I miss it?

For one thing yes, it was very convenient to check ALL my email addresses with one little sync.

Otherwise, no. Not really.


What a wonderful video from TED on exactly this issue.

Hat tip to Fabulously Fru-Girl for sharing this link.


  • Jess

    Thanks for sharing that TED talk! I loved it! She really articulated very well all the thoughts I’ve had about technology, and summed up why I do not engage with a lot of technology/social media. I have found however that it takes real thought to figure out how much you want to engage with technology/social media for a purpose other than idly socialising (work related networking, staying in meaningful contact to people important to you, enhance your life in a useful way, minimalise physical objects etc), and then once you’ve drawn the line, to really be okay with it and understand that it does mean a lot of people will cut you out simply because -they- are addicted to their technology/social media and don’t even think to reach out to you in person. That’s something I have found really disappointing about where technology has gone. I agree though that in any situation it is ridiculous that people use phones in dangerous situations or when they are spending real life time with others.

  • Ramona

    Back in the day, when I was in high-school, I used to read while walking. Of course, I’d get my eyes off the book when crossing the street, but, otherwise, I’d read and walk. No incidents

    Of course, I don’t even consider looking at my phone while driving.

    Especially after having a baby – I really became more cautious and also advise husband to be (he’s not the reckless type anyway), since any stupid thing we do might affect our daughter for life. We need to take care of ourselves and her, so that she has a long and happy life, with us by her side as much as possible.

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