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Shoppers Drug Mart: Is their rewards program worth it?


Shoppers Drug Mart always seems to have slightly higher prices than other places.

When things are on sale, I consider it to be the regular price in other stores, but otherwise, it’s about 20% higher from my experience, give or take a few things here and there.

As of this post in the year 2012, this is their points program (they’ve revamped it at least once):


On regular spending days, this is a chart I came up with to show you what you get back:

 Click to biggify 


Basically if you spend and buy things on 20X days, even with their 25% price inflation (yes, they tend to be more expensive than other pharmacies), it’s a darn good deal.

It could be worth it if the price of the product (like a brand that’s sold at Sephora as well), is there for the same price.

Lots of brands like Urban Decay, Benefit and Smashbox are there.

Why not earn REAL points? Sephora points are hard (for me) to redeem because they aren’t really discounts on anything I already buy, they’re just samples I can get.

Basically what I’m saying is it’s worth it on 20X days

  • assume everything has a 25% inflated price above other stores
  • It isn’t worth it to buy something if it isn’t at least discounted by 36%
  • you can still shop there if you can’t find something or need it, just don’t stock up
  • you should REALLY REALLY only shop there (and save up your purchases) for those 20X days
  • remember that points are given BEFORE taxes, and only on WHOLE dollar amounts

That is, if you can find anything to buy.

Running list of things to buy on 20X days:

  • Interdental tooth brushes (I like the G-U-M brand now, the yellow handled ones are the best)
  • Vitamins
  • Some makeup brands (although I don’t need any more makeup for a long time..)
  • Toothbrush heads for my Oral-B electric toothbrush
  • A digital ear thermometer
  • Contact lens solution

I can’t find my shampoo & conditioner (Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil) or body lotion there (Yu-Be Cream), otherwise, those would be on the list as well.



  • Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    The 18500 bonus points when you spend $75 are actually a better bang for your buck points-wise assuming you spend exactly $75 on both events. The 20x the points on $75 pre-tax is 15000 optimum points. The 18500 bonus is on top of the original 750 optimum points for 19250 points, or “24.5x the points” if you want to look at it that way. Sale items like paper products are an easy way to add the extra chunk if you might not reach the $75 minimum.

  • MelD

    Not sure if you know there was a problem with your site the last week or so? I got 403 Permission denied reports whenever I tried to access your site (from different devices). I am not savvy, so don’t know if it was my problem or yours, but thought you should know, just in case!! Yours was the only site that wouldn’t come up. Seems ok now. Rgds.

  • Liquid

    I’ve only rarely bought things at Shoppers. I usually plan my purchases so if I want food I go to a grocery store. If I want almost anything else I visit a department store. But it’s great for last minute shopping or during their 20x days 🙂 What I’m more interested in is their stock, which I’m thinking of buying. I bet a lot of Shopper’s shareholders are happy with Loblaw’s offered to buy the company at over $12 billion.

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