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I love this show. It is a mockumentary scripted reality show following the Foster sisters (gorgeous blondes), and it is comedic gold.


Here’s a trailer for the season 2. They’re incredibly funny. Very “Curb your Enthusiasm” if I am to make an analogy.


He loves this book so much I don’t even know what to say. I have no idea why but as I am reading it, I am realizing it is brilliantly illustrated because it gets progressively darker as the images go on, the kittens move around, there are different little animals and things to point out.

Baby Bun enjoys stabbing at the page with glee and saying in his super sweet, toddler baby voice:

“STAHS!!” (stars) …. “BABIES!” (baby rabbit) .. or “SHOOOOOES!”….. “SOCKS!”

There is something about this book that toddlers love.

Maybe it’s the clash of orange and green as the colour scheme, and then the rhyming.

He also loves The Hungry Caterpillar.


It is a killer TV series when you cannot decide who is your favourite character.

  • Danerys Targaryen?
  • Jon Snow?
  • Lady Mormont?
  • Sansa Stark?
  • Samwell Tarly?
  • Arya Stark?
  • Yara Greyjoy?

I am loving Season 6 ROCKING the female characters leading and taking power that is well deserved.

There is nothing I love more than a good revenge story. I LOVE REVENGE.


After reading Bargain Fever, everything looks way more expensive to me.

Polyester dresses at Zara for $70? Skirts in striped cotton for $60?


S’cute stuff but … I could wait for a sale to get it 50% off or buy it secondhand, on consignment and/or buy a DESIGNER dress instead of Zara.

These are all things that Adina knows very well about, but I never really considered until I read the book and realized the vast price difference.

This has also come about mostly because I am also looking at …..


In cash of course.

I also didn’t want my net worth to be more than 50% invested in a house versus cash.

So my net worth being $500,000 (give or take), I only want a maximum of $250,000 in a house. Or less. Preferably less.

But I can go up to $300,000 as my maximum. It is my true ceiling.

I also don’t want to liquidate any investments, and this better be a deal.

I also know that I will have to cover my new “rent” which is my condo fees and taxes, but it cannot be as expensive as the rent I am currently paying now, seeing as I won’t have a mortgage.

*crosses fingers*

I will recount the hassles I went through and lessons learned after it is all said and done.


We are in talks.

We shall see if they are willing to pony up $$ for a real professional to take care of bidness.

If they don’t, I will hang out with my favourite toddler in the whole wide world.

I would really like the money though… With this house purchase possibly going through VERY SOON, I need to make some dough to start recovering my net worth.

I’ll only put the city assessment on the place as my net worth marker.

It is what we could re-sell it for, and then I’ll just track all my other investments separately from now on if this goes through.



  • Me

    Very funny take on Goodnight Moon.

    Also, we have a parody called Goodnight Goon which is hilarious and similar. Kids love it.

  • raluca

    Not sure what kind of a house you will end up buying, but consider some additional costs on top of “rent”.

    I know you’re probably not going to be buying furniture, but you might end up have to (re)furbish the kitchen with cooking appliances or buy a washing machine. Also consider that you might have to spend some money on fixing things that the previous owners left broken, like having to fix a toilet that does not flush properly or buy furniture for the bathroom or fix the shower.

    When we bought our first appartment we set aside a monthly sum to fix problems/buy things and it probably took us about 8 to 9 months until we were done with it, mainly because we wanted to buy things that last. We had some uncomfortable times, looking at our bank accounts slowly draining. It was quite painfull and 8 years later I’m still over-budgetting for home reparations because of that.


      Yes I completely agree.

      So we are buying appliances ($10K), we will need to repaint, but the toilets and so on are all brand new… they barely live there, as I have checked, they bought it but then ended up moving to another city, so they visit on weekends like a city cottage.

      I think we will have to definitely pay for all this stuff over 2-5 years. I need to really budget for this and keep my partner aware of the lack of $$$$$$ I have.

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