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How I managed to cut out a lot of frivolity in my shopping

I got this question from my Ask Sherry Anything Anonymously Inbox, but it turned into such a long piece, I decided to make it a […]

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Recipe: Super Moist & Rich Fudge-y Brownie Swedish Chocolate Cake

The best recipe I have found for chocolate cake. Moist, fudge-y and oh so addictive. Plus, SUPER EASY TO MAKE, literally just a handful of ingredients and less than an hour.

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Recipe: Baking a Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake without any Baking Powder

We don’t keep or use any baking powder in the house, so I’ve managed to find an alternative for it, and here are the results of my Lemon Ricotta Pound cake cooked with my substitute recipe! With Ricotta it is also lower in fat & calories than full butter.

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