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Year 2019 In Review: What I Bought

All of my shopping posts are here from 2019

I am not going to go into each one and do a recap. I will pick a selection and then talk about them and how they have fared.

You know when I start listing “Beginning of” or “End of” seasons, it means I shopped a fkload. ….! Or if I start splitting posts out into Accessories, Bags, Blazers/Tops, etc… LOL

I shopped a lot in 2019 but …!

I really did shop a lot. Looking back I am surprised but also not surprised because I was unconsciously shopping after coming off a toxic contract.

At the start of it, near the end of it, but the only difference is at the start of the year, I was focused on retail and not really secondhand – I mean thrifting is nice, but I don’t have that love for it the way some people do who are obsessed by it, and I go once in a while, not every day.

It is easier to shop secondhand online, which is a terrible thing for my wallet, but it is.

Midway through the year, when Poshmark Canada launched in the summer, I started to shop ONLY secondhand off Poshmark, relieved I had a site to satiate my shopping on.

Then as the summer wound down, I started shopping only with Poshmark credits, essentially.. with $0 out of my bank account and pocket.

I have been VERY GOOD with ONLY shopping with credits in my account, refusing to use my own money for anything, and my purchases have become more deliberate and expensive in nature, which is perfect because I don’t need more stuff, I need BETTER stuff.

Favourite Work Dress

[Retail] MM Lafleur Dina Sharkskin Ink Dress –  $325 USD

I paid full price. I did. I DID! AND IT IS AMAZING.

I know I wouldn’t find this dress secondhand (it was so hard finding my other amazing MM Lafleur dresses secondhand that I know this one is a classic)… and the bow tie at the neck, the belt.. it looks incredible.

Favourite Summer Sundress

[Retail] Old Navy Banana Leaf Printed Sundress – $13 CAD

And worn like this!

I still love this silly, retail-purchased, cheap sundress because of the bright, super fun print. The straps and neckline are ALL WRONG for my body as I am an inverted triangle and would do better with a thicker strap to hide how wide my shoulders are in comparison to the rest of my body, but the print is … so fun and happy.

Every time I wear the dress people think it is far more expensive than it is, beg to tell me where they can find it, and are amazed it was Old Navy.

I don’t go into retail stores any more to buy anything – I am refusing now to buy anything unless it is secondhand (99% of the time because I did buy a cache of underwear), and new stuff from Old Navy is definitely off my Future Shopping List. I may consider it if it is secondhand (unlikely), but I am not buying it at retail any longer.

My Favourite Replacement Item

[Secondhand] J.Crew Tipped White Linen Blazer – $30 CAD

Original Retail: $198 USD

This is a classic, stylish blazer with a twist. It isn’t just a plain white blazer, it is tipped in black and looks amazing. I needed a larger size for my shoulders and to replace my old one (thanks Little Bun for shooting hormones into my body and making my torso and shoulders expand)…

It was also LIKE NEW. I am amazed someone had this and didn’t wear it to death like I did.

Favourite Trendy Piece

[Retail] Great Plains ‘Everyday Luxe Belted Jumpsuit’ – $71 CAD

Original Retail: $180 CAD

Jumpsuits? Are you kidding me right now? I have never been on the jumpsuit train but this item spoke to me and was an incredible piece I had to have.

The minute I put it on, the details, the curve, the way it hugged my body and didn’t make me look like an oversized toddler (unlike those jumpsuits from Banana Republic), I was sold.

I can wear it with flats or heels, it has pockets, a sewn in belt so I can’t lose it, and I feel so ultra cool in it.

It is also comfortable and breathable, both things high on my list these days as an older mother.

Favourite Dress-Like Ensemble

[Retail] MM Lafleur Beverly Top – $145 and MM Lafleur Minetta Skirt – $165 USD

Hands down, my favourite so far, mixing colours in case I don’t want it to be all one-note.

Favourite Cashmere

[Secondhand] Christopher Fischer Grey Cashmere Turtleneck – $60 CAD

Original Retail: $361 CAD (before taxes) (I think!)

Expensive cashmere? YES PLEASE. I enjoy wearing classic pieces like cashmere, and in a turtleneck that looks and feels as good as this one, I am sold.

It is incredibly soft, classic, a perfect heather dove grey, and goes with near everything, even dare I say.. moto leggings!

Favourite Thrifted Top

[Secondhand] Marciano Grey Drapey Cowl Assymetrical Grey Sweater – $7

Best thrift find all year. I love how it looks so weird and ‘off’ but still cool with a batwing sleeve.

Favourite Bright Drapey Top

[Secondhand] Helmut Lang Pebble Silk Wrap Top in Orange (Vein) – $140

I wore it in my #ILookLikeAnInvestor piece and still love it:

This colour called VEIN is a shade I’d have normally stayed away from. ORANGE? RED? IN THIS SHADE?

But this draped top, once I put it on, was heaven. I looked great in it, I felt great, and it is sexy while being quite covered up. You know mama loves a good draped moment.

Favourite Athleisure Piece

[Secondhand] Lululemon Pleat back White Scuba Top – $35

The back is everything. EVERYTHING! How amazing is this top? I am in love with it and I cannot believe it came from Lululemon. It is worth every penny secondhand.

I can wear it dressed up or down, and like it with leather leggings.

Favourite DIY Piece

It was $150 for the whole dress, so $75 for skirt and $75 for the top I guess

I took an Erdem dress, cut it up to grab a pencil skirt to wear, and then took the top and made it into an open-back shrug

I added a little leather strap at the back to hold it:

And I wore it like this and LOVED THIS OUTFIT. It looks perfect together. A real summer piece.

I also have the same Erdem dress but in Autumn instead of Spring colours.

This dress is also a size 4, the same as the blue one I bought above, but I think the previous owner of that blue dress had it tailored in to almost a size TWO. There was no way that back was zipping up on me, but in this untailored size 4, it fits perfectly:

Favourite Bucket Bag

[Secondhand] Mulberry Kensington Bag – $650 CAD

Retail: $1690 USD or $2225.09 CAD

(don’t forget this is not including taxes, import duties etc)

This beautiful black satchel bag has separate compartments, and lots of pockets. It is also a pretty good size – not too big or too small.

I have been using it on and off, and loving how I can find everything easily, it isn’t too cavernous (that’s my issue with huge bags even though I love them).

Full review with pictures coming.

Favourite Sunglasses

[Retail] Prada Sunglasses – $160

It is so hard to find sunglasses that are tortoiseshell with nose pads. NOSE PADS.

It is very hard for me to find this kind of frame that have nose pads on there to hold it up on my nose.

All the other sunglasses, end up sliding down my nose except for these, and they fit my face so well.

I lied again, second favourite sunglasses

[Retail] Pilgrim Rose Gold Sunglasses – $50

I love this rose gold metal and rosy frame that is cool, modern and very summery.

They are also super light.

Favourite Cuff

[Secondhand] Soo Ihn Kim Jinx Cuff – $18

I love this sculptural cuff. A twisted mix of metal, going in and out, fluid.. This is exactly the kind of modernist, clean jewellery I love to wear.

OK I Lied, another Favourite Cuff

[Retail] Plaited Brass Cuff – $60

Plaited brass strips, woven into each other, and gorgeous. It is one of a kind for now, she only had one design and made for her shop but will get more done.

For now I shall enjoy this unique, gorgeously plaited cuff that is alllll mine.

Coolest DIY Finding

[Retail] Zara Rectangular stone earrings – $25 CAD

I made them into DIY necklaces! See how I made my creations here. Check out the ring on the forefinger – that’s the Zara earring!

And here:

I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on this ring and this necklace.

I kind of wish I bought out the Zara stock, made them into rings and resold them. *shrug*

Anyway, they’re awesome. I like that they’re rather unique, and they look far more expensive than the $25 price tag for both of them, which in essence, created a $12.50 ring and a $12.50 necklace that look like hundreds of dollars instead.

Favourite Office Jewellery Piece

[Retail] Massimo Dutti Tasseled Necklace – $30 CAD

Original Retail: $40 CAD (before taxes)

I am so happy I got this necklace because it is what I play with during long, insufferably boring meetings I am stuck in. I wear it when I know I’ll be stuck in a room, and I surreptitiously wind my fingers around the chains and pet it like a little animal around my neck to stay sane and calm.

Favourite Statement Necklace

[Secondhand] Stella and Dot Pegasus Necklace – $80 CAD

Retail: $200 USD or $263 CAD

I call this the Ruth Bader Ginsburg necklace and did not want to pay hundreds for it, so I didn’t. I found it secondhand and wear it to death.

I paired it with a gorgeous draped dress – the Taylor from MM Lafleur:


Favourite Artisanal Necklace

[Secondhand] Unique handmade Indonesian Crafted Necklace – $120

This was a unique, one of a kind necklace made by a store that never went into production. I love the bold stone, I love the wood, the mix of the gold and how it looks like the ends of the wood is capped in gold.


Favourite Vintage Necklace

[Secondhand] Sarah Coventry Gold Filigree Lace Necklace – $15

This one “spoke” to me. Long, lacy… and a delicate statement piece.

I normally like very strong statement, stone pieces, but this is another style of mine – the edgy bohemian…

Favourite Statement Ring

[Retail] David Claire – $18

It is an incredible ring, lots of stones, rough but also delicate and such a statement piece. Everyone who sees this ring, wants it. LOL!

Favourite Hat

[ Retail ] Goorin Bros. Straw wide-brim hat with black ribbon – $216

LOVE THIS HAT from Goorin Bros

Every time I wear this, I get so many compliments. It is big, summery, and really fantastic.

I like the wide brim (no sunscreen required), and the black trim to keep it simple and classic.

After continuous wearing, it is now molded to my head shape.

Favourite Summer Sandals

[Secondhand] Rocketdog Rainbow Sandals – $7

LIKE NEW. I can’t believe no one wore them, and they’re so comfy.


I normally don’t go with wild rainbow, insane colourful things any more, like a unicorn threw up, but this one would look so great with any neutral summer dress.

Favourite Edgy Sandals

[Retail] Jessica Simpson Annida Studded Dress Sandals – $60

Jessica Simpson is the best brand for shoes for a mid price point.

It is so comfortable, so well made.. I am amazed.

They are inspired by the Valentino Rockstud line of course, but not exact replicas.

They are quite amazing and would go great with summer dresses for a bit of a rock / punk edge.

Favourite Sneakers

[Secondhand] Lanvin Gold Crackle Low Top Sneakers – $81


Who is this girl, buying gold crackle SNEAKERS?

I don’t know, but I love these shoes and they go with everything including sundresses.


Favourite Bootie

[Secondhand] Rag and Bone Margot Asphalt Tasseled Booties – $77.50 CAD

Original Retail: $652 CAD (before taxes

I know I own a billion booties, but these ones are very special completely done in suede, with a fun tassel and USED LIKE NEW… I wear it with everything and it is feminine yet rugged and a bit badass.

I don’t wear black booties often, grey is a nicer neutral for me to wear on my feet, and I love how fun this one is.

They are amazing:


Favourite Over-The-Knee Boots

[Secondhand] Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots in Asphalt – $361 CAD

Retail: $800 USD or $1051 CAD (before taxes)

I wanted these OTK boots in dark grey  for a long time. I have a pair in black, I wanted dark grey. I knew I’d get a lot of wear out of them, and even as I write this, I am half-looking for a pair in a Camel or a Biscotti neutral shade because I can wear them under longer dresses (midi dresses are perfect), they’re flat, comfortable, warm and the perfect pair of work boots for a business casual environment.

I wrote a whole poetic review on Stuart Weitzman OTK boots here comparing them with Aquatalia.

Favourite Winter Boots

[Brand New With Tags] UGG Viki Snow Boots – $150

Original Retail: $220 USD or $289 CAD

I have winter boots of all kind but I do not have short shearling boots with a rubber bottom to wear and use for errands running around town.

It’s a different kind of look, and I kind of like that they are waterproof, etc. Not loving the fur underneath the laces because I feel like it will get dirty and muddy, but…. I will see how it goes.

At an rate, they will keep my feet warm on those days when it is subzero temps and I don’t want to wear UGG boots (slippery), or over the knee shearling boots (it’s a look!)

AND THEY WERE BRAND NEW. Stickers and everything. They look AMAZING.

Favourite Unexpected Shrug

[Brand new with tags] Vibeke Scott Velvet Charcoal Robe – $300

Retail: $2499 DKK or $489 CAD

I kind of wear this quite often. I love how it sort of softens, elevates and also puts a retro vibe on anything I wear.


I wear it with jeans and a tee, or with leather leggings… not just dresses.

It flows so beautifully…

Favourite Vintage Tote

[Vintage] Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Woven Leather Tote – $203

Retail: $2300 USD or $3028 CAD (Guessing)

I wanted straw-esque with the vibe but a little chicer, straw bags don’t last long and look too casual for my vibe. So I found this Salvatore Ferrgamo Vintage Leather Woven Tote and KNEW I had to have it:

It is truly beautiful, and being vintage, rarer than something you can buy off the racks which is what I love. My mother is a lover of unique, items and I picked that up from her.

Favourite Sweatshirt

[Brand new with tags] Bow and Drape – GOAL DIGGER sweatshirt – $30

Retail: $78 USD or $103 CAD

People give me a strange look at first at how audacious I am, but then it ends up being GOAL not GOLD digger.

I got this in a M/L because I don’t like things so tight these days…

Favourite Leggings

Alo Yoga High-waisted Moto Leggings – $30

Retail: $115 USD or $150 CAD

I will be hunting down more of these leggings. I like Alo a lot now, but won’t pay retail. <3 Look, I even wore it in my outfit here:


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