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Why aren’t Asian guys dating Caucausian girls?

Absolutely Fobulous posted a great video on this, about Asian guys getting perplexed as to why Caucasian girls don’t date them in the same numbers as Asian girls date Caucasian guys.


The video says it’s because it’s cultural.

They can’t understand the things each other grew up with, and what they experienced because it’s so different.

Even the way they date and what they look for in the opposite sex is different — Chairman Mao had something to say about this:


But I’m going to come right out and say that this is probably not 100% of the truth.

I mean, look at all the foreign guys in general, ones from Europe for instance.

Bridget, I’m looking at you!, even though you are 50% German πŸ˜›

“The reality that I find every German man between the ages of 20 and 40 attractive. Especially when they’re walking around Frankfurt in their gorgeous business suits looking so… German. “

They have accents, different cultural experiences and don’t grow up in the same environments either.

They have insane tests like in Asia, far, FAR harder than what I’ve ever experienced here, and when they talk about not having boyfriends or girlfriends JUST SO they can study to get into the best schools, I get this clueless look on my face, tinged with fear for their schooling system.

Anyway, if culture was the case, it doesn’t explain the phenomenal amount of Asian girls (North-American-born or otherwise), dating Caucasian men in droves.


One of the factors not mentioned, is simply that North American girls in general, are attracted to who they’ve grown up with — namely, Caucasian guys.

If they grew up with Asian guys, these girls would probably be attracted to them too.

Perhaps if Caucasian women went to Asia to study, it’d be the reverse.


Maybe guys are just less picky in general and are really more open to dating all types as long as they are living, breathing, and most importantly — have boobs and girly curves πŸ™‚

(That last crack was for you, Nelson)

Thoughts on interracial dating?


  • Stephanie

    I’m asian and white and I have only dated white guys. I grew up around pretty much all white people. If you asked me what my type would be though, it would be someone like Nathan Adrian on the US Olympic swim team who is also asian and white : )

  • Asia

    My dad is asian my mom is caucausion… I think it was considered very taboo for the time. I had a big crush on the 1 asian guy in elementary school (so hot), it didn’t work out in case your wondering.

  • jeweliette23

    I’ve never really been attracted to Caucasian guys. Maybe it’s because I grew up in an area of NJ with plenty of Asians. But it seems like a majority of my Asian gfs prefer Caucasian guys, I think their reason is that they have qualities lacking in Asian men. Dating may be like a survival of the fittest! Conversely though, I do have Asian guy friends who prefer Caucasian girls and have no trouble getting dates with them. One of my friends even dated one for like 5 years.

    • Mochi & Macarons

      Or maybe it is trying something new πŸ™‚ a new culture and perspective on life!!

    • tukgata

      I am a thai woman from thailand, and once talked with my female friend about western men. We share the same idea that western men are not attractive at all. Whenever we see western men in streets or elsewhere, our eyes skip them immediately, or in other words, we just take a short glace at them,feeling nothing and then never turn back to look at them again. this is because of their alien looking features, nothing else.

      And I and my friend think that women from thailand married to them are generally trashes and tend to be born low IQ women having IQ level below that of people in general. This is because I work as a translator of three languages (french, english and thai) and my friend whom I talked to regarding western men works as an administrative manager. Both of us graduated from famous thai universities with excellent educational results and share the same feeling that western men are ugly alien looking men. This is while women dating western men tend to be from the group of having poor educational records, they generally fail language exams, work as low-level staff in companies (general secretaries, clerks, nurse helpers), and importantly, most of them are divorcees who are not at all virgin, sth like trashes. western men are generally with dark skinned women, not light skinned, from the poorest part of thailand, ISAN.

  • Bridget

    HAHAHA thanks for the shout out

    I have found Asian guys attractive before (Jin from Lost? Hello!) but I haven’t yet dated an Asian guy… I think because most of them aren’t all that much like Jin from lost.

    I totally know what Caitlin means about the “gangster” culture and it absolutely is a huge turn off. Also height has been mentioned. At 5’8″ I generally don’t find anyone under 6ft attractive (there’s been only two exceptions in my.. what 10 years now of dating)

    I think attraction is primarily biological. On the most fundamental level we’re going to find most attractive the people we would recognize as being part of our “tribe” if this was 5,000-10,000 years ago (or maybe even as little as 1,000 years ago). It might even be that I find German men so attractive BECAUSE 50% of my gene pool is of German decent. My brain was probably just losing it because all the pheromones telling it, “Bridget! These are your people! Find a mate and settle down!!”

    • Mochi & Macarons

      I thought about that!!! πŸ™‚

      I find Europeans attractive too (obviously).

      The gangster thing in any race is not a good thing, but it does seem prevalent.

  • Mochi & Macarons

    Maybe. Or it is a whole bunch of reasons like height, culture, what we are used to seeing as attractive… It all factors in.

  • Caitlin

    I am an Asian girl married to a white guy. I have found some Asian guys cute but a big problem for me has been their assimilation into the Western culture — they either remain fobby or think they are gangster and tYpe liKe tHiZ. I only know a handful of those who aren’t like that. I couldn’t find the article but I remember Time mag had an article a few years back that showed that in general girls are more successful at assimilating.

    Btw, at least in Chicago, I am starting to see a lot more Asian guys dating white girls. Not as many as Asian girls dating white guys but still I see at least one couple who fit this description a day. Not sure what is behind this phenomena.

  • Allison @InsomniacLabRat

    I grew up in a predominantly white school system, but the second most common racial group in our elementary schools and middle schools was Asians. Thinking back, I don’t remember really considering any of the Asian guys as potential dates…because they were all shorter than me. As shallow as that may be, I didn’t really want to date a shorter guy. *shrug*

    I guess I’ve never really given it much thought, probably because there was never any shortage of people like me growing up…

  • eemusings

    Never had a crush on an Asian guy, have only gone out with white guys. The couple of Asian guys I have thought were cute were so Westernised in appearance that they were about as white as you can be while still being full blooded Chinese person.

    That said, by default I naturally feel more comfortable around Asians and if I’m in a new situation and there are Asians there I will tend to gravitate towards them.

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