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I am hooked. Since I am a freelancer, I don’t really get to talk to other colleagues until I am on contracts, and we are all so spread out across the country, that it is rare to find a woman who freelances like I do.

Or in general, consultants, who will talk to you frankly and tell you what you should ask for and how.

Enter: Fishbowl App

This is not a shill, a promotion or anything. I am NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS. I genuinely just found this, downloaded the app, signed up and started joining different fishbowls to see what people were saying.

You can post Anonymously (you select either your name, your company or your title), and you don’t need to put a photo or anything.

It is completely, 100% FREEING to be able to talk about anything from whether or not to cheat on a spouse while traveling (seriously, this was a question), to asking advice on what to ask for, where to go, what certain titles or jobs pay.

You can literally ask — I am an X consultant in Y industry, with Z years of experience. What can I ask for at A company? What are the options for fast-tracking?

..and get very, VERY honest, sometimes super detailed answers to stay away, or to join but ask for _____.


Unlike LinkedIn, there is no photo and no resume linked. Just a company, title, that’s it.

Unlike, these are actual people who will / can be on forums to message back to you and tap answers to your questions.

Unlike, it isn’t just randomly searching in forums for your question – you can post questions, and I find it very focused on career/lifestyle around your career, and it is less Troll-Y, it seems.

It genuinely sounds so far, like people want to help.

They support each other (I am in the Women in Consulting group), and share experiences, things to do, tips, ask questions back.. It is truly supportive and I think, something I have missed quite deeply ever since I quit my company.

I kind of have no one in my area to talk to, and I feel alone sometimes on projects. It is nice to have a sounding board, however anonymous to pose questions to.

Since everyone is Anon, they’re all honest, but not in a mean way, not as far as I have seen.

Right now it is concentrated for Consulting, Advertising, Accounting, but they’re adding more industries like even for Teachers.

Have you heard of it/joined it?


  • Elle

    Tbf…the reviews of fishbowl are off putting. Have you considered launching a community? Your no nonsense and solid advice on the blog and IG inspires confidence.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      From what I have seen/participated in, it is like any Anonymous online community. You’re going to get the good with the bad, it isn’t necessarily foolproof.

      I thought about it – actually, I have a forum section I started, but to be honest, that’s a full-time job and it would require really trying to get readers on this blog to log into another area to ask questions. So far, crickets in my forum…

  • Elle

    I’m shocked that no one replied to this. Thanks for this so app suggestion. I recently migrated, been unsuccessful at pivoting into another career. I hope talking anon will certainly get me some feedback, and assistance. I’m getting overwhelmed with all the advice to pursue online courses.

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