Save. Spend. Splurge.

What would you never buy?

I used to say: I’ll NEVER buy a new car. They’re such a waste of money.

Look at me now! LOL! I have a brand new luxury car I purchased in cash. Oh well. Never say never. I also said I’d never buy a jumpsuit or a romper and I now own 3 of them and am looking for more.

Or even shorts. I said I’d never buy any and I own 3 pairs now, though they are mostly for lounging at home.

So I’ve learned to simply never say never unless I am 100% certain.

The only things I will certainly at 99.99% will never purchase is:

  • illegal drugs
  • coffee or even alcohol — although even though I cannot drink it, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it for someone else
  • harem pants — this is a definite WILL NEVER HAPPEN …
  • platform shoes/boots — certainly not for myself to walk in
  • bikinis — I won’t wear them, I prefer one-pieces especially while swimming, etc

Things I am not LIKELY to pay for on a 50% scale are:

  • Manicures – I type way too much and I will just do it myself in clear polish like as of late
  • Bottled water – unless I’m dehydrated in a desert, but typically, I won’t buy this at all and will go out of my way to avoid it
  • Dishwashing detergent – I’ve moved on to these thick soap blocks to wash dishes with instead
  • Plastic-bottle shampoo & conditioner – I have moved on to shampoo & conditioner plastic-free bars
  • Laundry detergent – I use soap nut berries instead which are compostable and natural
  • Haircuts – I cut my own hair at home, but I’d only pay for a haircut in a very rare situation ….
  • Cab rides – I have a mental block in paying money when I could walk or take the bus instead
  • Botox / invasive facial surgery when not necessary — do not love needles and cutting into my skin
  • Stupid un-educational apps for Little Bun that cost on a subscription or are expensive with ZERO value add

What about you?


  • BW

    99% and above: facial, cosmetics, eyebrow embroidery, watch, earrings (my ears are not pierced), expensive car, expensive bag, plastic bottle of skin care, shampoo and conditioner.

  • GYM

    Hmm good question! I probably could never buy a luxury purse or a luxury car. I like looking at them but I would probably just ruin them 🙁

    I was going to get a $25K car but ended up with a $17K car because I was too cheap!

  • Steveark

    I just bought a $22,000 three year old used car to replace my $7,000 twelve year old used car. It’s going to seem like a new car, but only cost half of its original price.

  • Rachel

    I bought my first brand new car a few years ago because it felt exciting to be able to buy a car for myself and I had never gone through the experience before. One year after I bought it someone ran a stop sign and hit me 🙁 Car was “repaired” but not the same at all. I will never buy a new car again because of this experience. I’m glad I was able to buy it at the time and get it out of my system though.

  • Gail

    I would never buy jewelry (except for little girl relatives, who like it), fancy clothes or cars, expensive dishes such as china or crystal, lottery tickets, pets (except when my kids were young), liquor, drugs, cigarettes. I buy a few books, but usually use the library for ebooks, enjoy lots of foods that are not cheap, and live in a relatively expensive condo because it is safer in hurricanes than anything else in the area. Everyone is different!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Oh yes – expensive dishes are on my list too. Cigarettes is a good one as well.

      The library is full of great ebooks, I’d put it on the list but I buy style/fashion books in physical formats so I can admire the photos and pick them up when I want for inspiration.

      We are also very expensive on the food front!

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