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What we own as kitchenware and cookware

Reader Sense asked to hear about all of the brands and products my partner has purchased for the kitchenware and cookware and I thought it was easier to show you in photos:

So this is the pot and pan rack.

We have mostly All Clad D5 pots and pans. The second brand which we prefer, but found too late after we bought all the D5 pots and pans, is Fissler.

Fissler is made in Germany, has the inside of the pot with measuring ticks so when you pour in water, you can see how much 2 liters inside a pot would be without having to use a measuring cup or bowl.

I also prefer that the inside has NO visible rivet, so it is much easier to clean (it is all flat and clean), and the rivets are only on the outside.

It is really well made. The bottoms of the pots are also thick and distribute heat evenly with copper bases covered over in steel.

Most of it is All-Clad D5 pots and pans, and my partner has one roasting pan.

He also has 2 de Buyer crepe pans because he can make twice as many crepes, and doesn’t need to wait for one to heat up, etc. We tried it out 2 days ago and it worked really well, he made them all in record time.

There is only one lid on the second shelf because I use the smaller All Clad D5 pot to boil water for my tea in the mornings.

This is the second rack we have of cooking items, and the top is:

Pretty standard.

These clay pots are no longer made, and are unglazed clay, which very evenly cooks beans rather than burning the bottom.

The entire collection for braising, bread making (those are loaf pans on the second shelf), pie making, and tart baking.

We almost own all the moulds for these tasks!

Our knives are all from ZJAH, and the silverware from France by a brand called Guy DeGrennes.

I take the same cutlery to work, and people tease me because they can’t figure out why I would bring such expensive cutlery to eat with ($100 for a set), when a $10 Ikea set would do.

It tastes different and I don’t really enjoy using cheap silverware, it feels different in your hands and mouth.

We tried another KitchenAid mixer before but it was wobbling too much for the bread dough, so we had to upgrade to the most expensive Professional mixer that they had on their site to stand up to the bread dough. It still wobbles a bit but it is far better than the other stand mixer.

Yes, we have two bowls. One just for fruit, the other for everything else.

Lots of plates. I am the dishwasher (Little Bun is still too little), so I was getting sick of having to wash every plate before we could eat off it, as my partner would pile plates and plates up in the sink from cooking.

We finally just bought a huge stock of plates and now have a ton to use.

Same with the mugs. I was getting sick of washing one or two mugs or glasses over and over again, and now we have quite a few.

We use these glasses to store our smoothies as well, and are searching for lids to fit them, as we are loathe to use plastic wrap.

Pyrex bowls, fitted covers – great for bread making. He puts the dough in one bowl, puts on the lid, and lets it rise over night. No more plastic wrap.

Or for storing food.

Lids and colander.

Miscellaneous tools – mostly for grilling outside.

All of these items are for citrus juicing, cooking, etc.

All Corelle bowls – very hard to break them, trust me, we have seen them bounce a few times!

All the food and lunches go into these Duralex glass containers. I also store rice in here, etc, any leftover food.

We switched to Duralex as a brand over the Glasslock containers because these thick plastic lids over the years, have started breaking at the stress points where you snap them open and closed.

It is really not as durable, and the glass is still great, but now we need to find out if we can find covers to replace the broken ones.



All Clad D5 Brushed Stainless Steel

Emile Henry


Lodge Cast Iron

DeGrennes Cutlery

Alpico Cups

Duralex Glassware



  • yettie

    I wish I could stick heart emojis all over this post. I have a weakness for kitchen supplies and I love seeing all the variations you have. Thanks to this post, I’m now on a mission to find clay pot for cooking beans 🙂

  • Sense

    Oh wow, thanks!! Everything looks so high-end, made to last, matchy matchy, and $$$$$. I love it!

    q, just curious: does the bread stone really get used for pizza, and vice versa, or is that a mistake?

    I’m definitely going to refer to this post when I finally get my own place and don’t plan to move overseas anymore (I have to start over from scratch every dang time).

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Yes everything is very matchy-matchy. We are sort of sticklers for that look..

      YES! The breadstone is used for pizza. We put the pizza dough on the stone, let it bake for a few minutes, then bring it out, and add the toppings so they don’t slide off and the dough cooks, and then slide it back in to cook.

      It makes a perfect pizza, like in a stone oven.

      These pots and pans for sure would travel with us wherever we go if we had to move because there is no way we are getting rid of them.

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