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What I sold: End of Summer 2020 Edition

I do most of my selling on Poshmark (use code SHERRYISH for a free $15 credit to get started if you want to buy anything and I only get $15 if you purchase something.)

I am putting the amounts AFTER Poshmark fees. O_o

Chi Chi London Alyssa Pansy Dress – $60

I am so sad to let this one go but it no longer fits. I have gone from a size 0/2 to a 4/6, closer to a 6.

The waist is unbelievably unforgiving and tight, so to wear this, I would need to lose at least 10 pounds which I am not willing to do.

Plus, it is a beautiful event dress – can’t wear this to the grocery store… *sob*

Braided Metal Cuff – $1

This cuff I thrifted, and for more than $1, so I lost $2 on it, but at least it’s gone.

Poshmark takes a lot of money for items under $10 (they take 40% or $4!!!), so this was $5, and they took $4, so I got $1.

I feel like I should bundle all jewellery from now on….

Aritzia Bodycon Dress – $15

These saved me during my pregnancy and stretched with my massive belly. I no longer wear them because I am not into skintight bodycon things any longer (see: belly)…

Club Monaco Over the Knee Suede Grey Boots – $108.36

I bought them thinking I’d love them but I never wore them because they just don’t fit right on me.

I am too short for them, I think. Someone much taller than me can pull off this slouchy look, but not me.

I got my money back on this more or less, as I got them off eBay for about the same price.

Grana A-Line Silk Trapeze Dress – $15

This was gifted to me by Grana, and I liked it initially but then as I tried it on, I realized I am not into trapeze dresses. I feel like a balloon or something in them, as they float away from my body way too much…..

4 Rings – $10

Definitely lost money here, they were altogether, about $30, but I just don’t wear them and wanted them out of the closet.

Pink Tartan Pleated Shirtdress – $34.83

This was $24 in profit. I bought the dress for $10 in a thrift store because Pink Tartan is EXPENSIVE, and was happy to sell it for the $45 listed price.

I figure this just about makes up for the little amounts lost.

I am not a Poshmark reseller by any means, but I am definitely keeping an eye out for all sorts of designer items and seeing if they could sell or not (some are hideous).

J. Crew Cobalt Pleated Top – $16

I love the colour, I love the pleats, but I forgot how much I hate elastic waists because they hug my belly and flare out making me look very unflatteringly like some POM bottle.

I am no longer getting suckered into these types of tops no matter how cute they look.

Only lost about $4 on this.


I have this twice. I don’t even know why I bought two. *face palm*


I just never wear it.


It doesn’t fit me – my shoulders are a bit too small for it, but this is a crazy great cape blazer.

I bought it used as well off Poshmark, so it is nice to re-Posh it back.


Rudsak Leather Portfolio Travel Wallet – $69.66

I don’t use it. I bought it, I don’t use it.

BlankNYC Vegan Leather Moto Jacket Rose Gold – $61.92

I have too many leather jackets. Some have to start going. This one doesn’t feel as great as a real leather jacket (sorry.. it doesn’t), and feels too thick for my liking.

Galeries Lafayette Scarf – $54.18

I just don’t wear it. I have been loathe to get rid of scarves but ….. this one I finally let go.

2 Anthropologie Knotted Headbands – $23

They. Don’t. Stay. On. My. Head. I have no back bump on my head so all it does is slip off horribly.

Only these twist fabric headbands with a wire inside, actually stay on because I make the headband TIGHT against my head and twist the metal wires so tight, there is no chance it can fall off.

3 X Urban Outfitter Bralettes – $21

I got these originally to wear under lowercut tops but realized.. I don’t really have lowercut dresses or tops. For the items that I do have that are like that, I wear a much nicer, lacier bralette that is more like a crop top than a bandeau (this one slipped a bit).

So, bye bye.

I sold all of this for about $76

They bundled it and saved on shipping.

Cosabella Raspberry Pink Bralette

I thought it would be something nice to wear underneath other things, but I never did because it isn’t long enough as a real crop top underneath shirts, and the pink was just too pink for me. Not deep or magenta-enough, it didn’t go with the colour palette of my wardrobe.

Robert Morris Gold Circle Earrings

I got these for free as a gift from a Poshmark purchase. I don’t wear earrings so I re-listed them.

Banana Republic Cobalt Crosshatch Skirt

It is a size 0. I’ll never be a 0 again. I am now at a 4/6.

Michael Kors Tie Striped Shirt

I don’t wear it because it (for me) is awkward as a tie shirt. I don’t like it in that fabric, I prefer tie/pussybow shirts in silk or softer materials because I am so neurotic about it flowing and draping nicely.

Vintage Green Obi Clutch

Too flimsy to use as a real clutch, it is more a pouch to hold items when you travel. I don’t need more of those bags, so I sold this one, as I have so many others.

Cole Haan Clear Lucite Sunglasses

Not polarized. I bought them because I thought I was cooler than I really am, and I don’t like the look of them on my face, and it looks too alien-esque.

Vintage Red A-Line Skirt

I bought it for $5 but then had it hemmed up for $20. So it cost $25… I am going away from circle / skater skirts, and this one was not my style any longer.

COS Rose Gold Bangle

I have two, I sold one. I am more into cuffs lately, and if this goes, it goes, otherwise I may remove the listing.

Cosabella Bisou Pink Bralette

I have too much arm and torso fat for this to look cute on me. I sold the black one too. You need to be TONED to wear something like this.

Holt Renfrew Cashmere

I got it for $7. I am not into this colour any more, and it is a little too tight on me now that I am bigger.

Zara White Tie Waist Pants

I bought these, liked them, but then started feeling the seam inside the pant itch my leg. Bye bye.

It was the thread they used – not a cotton but a plastic thread, and it bothers my eczema.

Ann Taylor Striped Sundress – $34

That is pretty much what I paid for it, so I am happy. I am not selling it because I don’t like it, it is more that I have too many sundresses as-is, and this was purchased during my Toronto vacation last year when I was with a limited wardrobe for the summer (GRR) and I felt the need to have a cute sundress, hence this purchase.

Calvin Klein Wool Tuxedo Grey Coat – $61

I bought this but never wore it because it is far too large for me. I can wear another coat underneath, but I am not a coat-layering kind of person…

Adolfo Dominguez Grey Silver Patterned Dress – $23

It was a gift from my mother. I never wear it. It isn’t really my style… to be honest.

I sold all of this for $34

Josef Black Sheath Work Dress

This was a gift from my partner when we first started dating but it is a SIZE ZERO. I will never fit back into this again.

Aritzia Bodycon dress

This was a maternity dress basically for me. I don’t wear this any more, so bye bye…

Karen Ritter Beige Wool Dress

I thrifted it and liked it, but then I started to feel it itch on my skin. I couldn’t wear it without a slip, and I am not into that.

Sooo.. I had to let it go.  I can’t let it itch my skin.

J. Crew Linen Top – $8

I got it as part of a package deal but it is too big and basic for me to fit into my wardrobe. I am a HUGE fan of more unique pieces these days…

BlankNYC Vegan Meant to be Moto Jacket – $62

I need to pare down on how many leather jackets I have. This one got cut.

The vegan leather was very good – honestly, the best quality I have found or touched in a long time, but I have noticed that it squeaks a tiny bit, and is like plastic wrapped around me.

In a real leather jacket, I don’t feel as sweaty in it, so … that’s one negative in a vegan leather jacket. I love the rose gold accents still, but … I cannot keep something I don’t really reach for because it squeaks.

Rudsak Leather Folio – $70

I have so many of these. I don’t use it any more, or .. at all, really.

Roots Dark Brown Prince Bag – $31

I never use it. My partner says: BUT YOU WILL NEVER find this quality again!!… but that’s not a reason for me to keep it because I have so many other crossbodies, and frankly, this one never gets used. It just isn’t my style any more.

m0851 Clutch – $154

I should have purchased the smaller version not the legal-sized one… but anyhoo, it was on sale when I got it so I didn’t lose too much money..

I never really use it. I’m not a clutch person, I need my two hands even without a child tagging along.

Anthropologie Vegan Black Bag – $23

I have too many purses. This has to go, I am making space…

Bundle of Diesel Jeans & Skirts – $44

I cannot fit into any of these any more. I need to lose weight to fit back into them and I am not into losing the weight like crazy.

J Brand Jeans – $21

I cannot fit into these. Not in any scenario unless I wire my jaw shut.

I bought them on Poshmark but they are TIGHT or I am fatter.

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  1. Anne

    As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve gone from a US 6 to a US 8 after my son was born. So, I’ve also Poshed a number of items that were just a wee bit too small in the waist😀

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I have no more patience to try and lose the weight to be honest. Life is too short 🙂


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