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What I Bought: Winter 2019 Edition

If you ever want to see me wear any of these items, you can follow my Instagram #savespendsplurgestyle… I post ALL of my outfits of the day (OOTD) there.

Again, following my two tenets of shopping: 99% secondhand, and only with shopping credits (no actual cash of my own), all of these items were free from Poshmark (I used and saved up all my credits), but I will put what I ‘paid’ for them.

Sign up on Poshmark / Poshmark Canada with code SHERRYISH for a free $15 credit to shop with – and I only get $15 if you buy something. I also sell a lot on there if you are interested.

I kind of went on a necklace binge lately..


Retail: $89 USD or $117 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

It does remind me of the sun. I am really into these kinds of pendants lately, so this was right up my alley.


Retail: $89 USD or $117 CAD

Paid: $25 CAD

I obviously had to get its partner in crime too, the Eclipse necklace (goes with the Soleil one in terms of collection). 😛

It is also adjustable to make it higher or lower.


Retail: $350 CAD

Paid: $55 CAD

I felt bananas paying $50+ for a necklace I wasn’t sure was very pretty to be honest, and a little too rainbow-y for my tastes considering what I wear these days, but it goes with EVERYTHING.

Orange sweaters, black, green, grey.. you name it, this necklace matches it and looks fantastic.

It goes from a beautiful deep black to navy, and moving towards teal, turquoise, green, and finally ending up as yellow. It is truly a work of art, and retailed for $300+ at least.

[Secondhand] Stella and Dot Green and Blue Stone Necklace

Retail: $89 USD or $117 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

Not only am I a sucker for blue and green, I am a sucker for statement pieces, and I wasn’t sure from the shots (nor the seller) if they were real stone or not.

When I got it, I realized it was real stone, not acrylic like I thought, and was even more pleased.

I can tell it is real stone because when I put it on my chest, it feels cold, then it warms up to my skin, and comes off feeling warm… or you can tap the stones and listen to the sound/feel.

[Secondhand] Baublebar multi-chain necklace

Retail: $68 USD or $90 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

I just like the biggest, baddest, boldest necklaces possible. This one had no skulls on it (thank goodness), and just little pendants and tooth-like things hanging at the bottom which I love.

First day I wore it, Little Bun was having a tantrum, and I had to carry/hold him the whole way, and his zippered coat got caught on my necklace and SNAPPED the layer of teeth off at the bottom.

I almost cried.

Luckily I picked up all the beads, re-strung them and it was as good as new with a little hot glue to hold them in place, but still…!!!!

Moral of the story – children are animals.

[Brand new with tags] Kit and Ace Seaside Ribbed Bodysuit

Retail: $78 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

I love this bodysuit. It fits perfectly like a tank, “tucks” into all of my skirts, and is a great base top that you can throw something else on over top, or just walk out as-is.

No muss or fuss.

[Brand new with tags] Kit and Ace Borrowed from the Boys Blazer

Retail: $248 CAD

Paid: $87 CAD

I wasn’t sure I’d love this blazer, but I bought it and I can’t stop wearing it.

Feminine rose gold touches for the zippers, pockets on either side, and a relaxed, oversized boyfriend fit, with rolled sleeves. It is PERFECTION.

I still like tight fitted blazers, but it is nice to wear something like this with a turtleneck underneath and go out, comfortably.

This is me rocking the look with a secondhand Gucci turtleneck, and it remains one of my favourite outfits.

[Brand new with tags] Alo Yoga Neoprene Mesh Jacket

Retail: $74 USD or $97 CAD

Paid: $75 CAD

I just love that it is neoprene!! And the cool mesh sleeves.

I know it is an athleisure jacket, but I ended up wearing it over some other dresses for work that “need” a black topper, and this one was perfect. It was cool, not too sporty, comfortable with pockets, and sexy without being revealing at all.

[Secondhand] Frame Denim Jeans

Retail: $325 CAD

Paid: $69 CAD

I still think the AG Farrah high rise jeans are the most comfy in the world, and these ones are nice, but not AS soft and as comfortable as the Frame Denim ripped version.

Go figure.

But they are still soft, thick and I enjoy wearing them very much.

[Secondhand] J. Crew Factor Pug Sweater

Retail: $50 USD or $66 CAD for something similar

Paid: $25 CAD

I am a sucker for cute sweaters. This one I thought may have been too twee or cute, but I couldn’t resist especially with Little Bun egging me on to buy it.

“IT IS SO CUTE MOMMY. MOMMY! A PUPPY!!!”…. I think it is cute. 🙂

[Brand new with tags] 1 State White Palazzo Pants

Retail: $99 USD or $130 CAD

Paid: $69 CAD

And the love affair with white, wide legged pants continues.

I have white wide-legged pants, but in a thicker material, meant for colder weather.

These are DEFINITELY SUMMER. So light and flowy… feel like some harem goddess in them. I wear them with a tighter top, or slouchy pieces tied up at the side in a knot with sandals.

I have so many ideas and plans. <3

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