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What I bought: The Start of Summer Edition 2020

If you ever want to see me wear any of these items, you can follow my Instagram #savespendsplurgestyle… I post ALL of my outfits of the day (OOTD) there.

Again, following my two tenets of shopping: 99% secondhand, and only with shopping credits (no actual cash of my own).

All of the following was $0 out of my pocket because I used credits in Poshmark to pay for all of it, so I’ll put what I “paid” for them but it was all free.

Sign up on Poshmark / Poshmark Canada with code SHERRYISH for a free $15 credit to shop with – and I only get $15 if you buy something. I also sell a lot on there if you are interested.


Retail: $270 CAD

Paid out of Pocket: $209

I have been obsessed with this brand since some of my favourite Instagram work style people have been posting about it. I have especially wanted this Belleville folded origami top (obviously), and I found it on eBay for a low-ish price in a pretty pink colour.

This is what it looks like on and if you want to see more looks like this, check out my Capsule Wardrobe Series.

Another brand that does draping well (less of a peplum) is MM Lafleur like in this Blixen Top, but their stuff is more body-concious, tight, and spandex-y versus this, which has a zip up the back, and is done in a beautiful wool that isn’t itchy at all.

Continuing my collection of YSL Arty rings, I bought 2 more this month in addition to these below (not all of them are YSL Arty..)

If you want one, they’re discontinued at YSL but are all secondhand here and these are the nicest ones:

YSL Green & Rose Gold Arty Ring

Original Retail: $265

Paid with credits: $200


I love this green ring with the silver metal, and rose gold insides.

I think collecting them all is safe enough because they’re small and won’t add to the bulk of my closet.

YSL Blue Arty Ring

Original Retail: $265

Paid with credits: $200


Of course I needed the blue one too! 🙂 I like the gold flecks in there.

Gold foil Wonder Woman Cuff

Paid with credits: $39.97

Gold-foil covered Wonder Woman cuff, that looks very sleek and minimalist going up your arm.

Braided Silver Cuff

Paid with credits: $39.97

I liked the braided look of this silver bracelet (real silver)

Necklaces are also my jam… RIGHT!?

Anthropologie Statement Turquoise Necklace

Paid with credits: $26.97

Turquoise and gold necklace that hangs down low with an orange leather cord.

Banana Republic Statement bib deco crystal necklace

Paid with credits: $17.50

I liked the very retro, art deco look of this collar necklace.

Banana Republic Statement crystal flower necklace

Paid with credits: $17.50

This is definitely more of a statement, but still very delicate.

Statement bib crystal necklace

Paid with credits: $17.00

I can’t resist a bib necklace…! This one is so GLAM.

Statement metal necklace

Paid with credits: $17.00

This one has less crystals. More of a tougher look, less pretty / delicate.

Statement crescent necklace

Paid with credits: $17.00

I like the crescent gold necklace that would look great with maxi dresses and more bohemian outfits.

Vintage Trifari Cross Necklace

Paid with credits: $33

Looks like a twisted cross, and I love how big it is as a statement piece.

Vintage statement lace gingko leaf necklace

Paid with credits: $17.00

It reminded me of gingko leaves, from my favourite tree. It would look great with my v-neck blouses too.

Vintage Monet Hedgehog Cone necklace

Paid with credits: $17.00

A hedgehog meets a cone and made this necklace!

Little Bun called it the virus… so now some people can only see the virus, but I still see a pinecone-hedgehog baby.

Vintage Monet pearl strand necklace

Paid with credits: $33

Simple and delicate, a good layering piece for my other necklaces.

And finally, I know you’ve all been waiting for this one….

Vintage 1984-1985 Chanel Flap Bag

Paid with credits: $2984

Yes. I got this one for $0.

I have been saving and saving and saving, and when I saw this, I knew it was mine.

Made between 1983-1985, because it has no serial number and was one of the earliest bags Karl Lagerfeld made when he created this classic flap bag and made the logo into interlocking C’s.

You’ll notice the front flap is not a square that hangs down but a gentle curve, which I haven’t really seen elsewhere…

The gold is also real gold, not like today where the quality is no longer 24K gold.

It is BEAUTIFUL and larger than my double-flap Chanel.

And that’s it… for now.

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  1. Susan Tan

    This is an impressive list of purchases! My favorite necklaces are the turquoise necklace & the pearl necklace because they are so classic.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I love them all *LAUGH*


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